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I was rear-ended by an uninsured driver. Causing injury to my back and months of physical therapy and medical bills. I Found Staver law group on Google,Jared called me immediately and got the ball rolling in my case. You are not just a number here! Everyone at Staver Law was very knowledgeable about my case and went above and beyond to get me a more than generous settlement, without stepping a foot in court. I would highly recommend Staver Law.

Morgan T.

This law firm is Outstanding! 7/31/15 a vehicle ran the red light and hit me head on. I was very hurt, my car suffered a total loss. This law firm was with me every step of the way. My medical bills was paid and have enough to purchase me a new vehicle. I really dont know what I would have done without them. Thanks for being there doing a very difficult time.

new d.

Jared is a great guy, he really came through when I thought all was lost. He always was available when I called and answered all my questions and really made me feel like I was his only client. Everyone in his office is very knowledgeable. Thanks, guys for everything!

Bobbie W.

Highly recommend Starver law firm to everyone!!! My daughter was hit by a car while working the drive thru at a popular fast food restaurant. The day of the accident they called to tell me that my kid was in the ER and that’s it… Not once did they offer to assist me and didn’t even help direct me on payment of bills or anything of the sort. The bills were going to add up fast and I didn’t know what to do. I called Starver Law and Jared and Patrick reviewed my information and jumped on the case!!! They made all the calls and helped me get the bills paid and a nice settlement for us. I didn’t do anything they took care of it all. Every time I called them they were there to answer questions in the most professional manner. They were great! I am so happy with their service and dedication to our case!!!

Zoy V.

I highly recommend the Staver Law Group for personal injury, and or any other type of case. They were extremely pleasant to work with, efficient, easy to reach by phone or email, and very dedicated to the issue I was facing. They validated my frustrations and concerns brought on by my personal injury. I am more than pleased with the end result and would definitely consult them in the future.

Alicia F.

My car was totaled by a drunk driver this summer, and I also sustained some injuries. I debated whether to retain a law firm and decided to hire Staver Law Group. Jared Staver and his team were always prompt in following up on emails and phone calls. They were finally able to get me a generous settlement from the drunk driver’s insurance company without having to go to court. The settlement paid my medical bills and will also allow me to get another car. I would highly recommend Jared Staver and his team for any personal injury case.

Kevin K.

I would highly recommend Staver Law for anyone needing a personal injury lawyer! I found their services to be fast and efficient and had my settlement in very short amount of time with little to no worries along the way!

Colleen R.

Hi i was in a car accident June 20,2015 i called Staver Law Group that Monday i was in therapy that Wednesday. I had a back and neck injury and i did 26 days of therapy once i was release after i was done with therapy two weeks later my case was settle. If you looking for a lawyer Staver Law Group is the please to call..

Chic X.

I highly recommend the Staver Law Group for personal injury. The attorneys are professional, responsive, and gave me every confidence in their handling of my case. I appreciated their explanations of the process from start to finish, and I never felt like things were happening behind the scenes without my input. They handled every aspect of the case very efficiently, and I would recommend their services to anyone looking for assistance with their area of expertise.

Ashley G.

I’m going to be honest when it comes to lawyers I have heard horrible stories which is why I was reluctant to do business with a law group, but believe me when I tell you that if I ever need to contact a lawyer again this is the ONLY place I will call! Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the results that I got with his team. I am still in shock to be honest. There’s only one place to go looking for a person injury attorney and it’s here. 50 years later down the road I will still recommend them! Jared if you read your reviews I just want you to know that I will forever be grateful to you and your team. Thank you!!!!

Jean S.

Jared and Tyler have been great getting me the help I needed! They are very professional and provided updates regarding my case. I HIGHLY recommend them!

Thanks a Million!

Lovli Q.

Staver law group did an outstanding job fighting for my rights. The entire staff is courteous and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

mike n.

I was in a car accident in March 2015. I was rear ended pretty bad which put me in the ER that day with terrible lower back pain and pain running down my legs. After that trip to the ER, followed by several trips to the neurologist and neurosurgeon as I ended up having an micro discectomy in April I decided it was time to call Jared. I can hands down stay this was the best decision I have made all year. Once Jared and his team took over, everything was see less. I no longer had to deal with the insurance companies and he and the team were always were professional and comforting. They were always keeping me in the loop as to what was going on with my case and always straight forward which I can appreciate. When it was time to settle, they dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s on all the paperwork submitted to the insurance company that I was able to get the FULL policy! When Jared called to tell me the news it brought tears to my eyes. After several months of recovering from an extremely painful incident, I couldn’t help but smile knowing all my medical bill would now be taken care of. Not too mention its early August….therefore they really stayed on this and got it wrapped up quick!!! I can’t say enough about this firm, if you are looking for attorneys that will give you one on one personal attention and really focus on your incident then these are your guys!! Every time I called the office it would be Tyler, Patrick or Jared….I was never passed on from person to person, any of them could assist me at any point! Do yourself a favor and give these guys a call!!

Jessica G.

I recommend Staver Law firm Group to everyone, they’re whole staff were very professional and speedy when it comes to settling your case while getting you the most money possible for your lawsuit overall im glad I choose these guys!!!

Bernard W.

What can I say except the group really came through for me and resolved a rather bleak looking situation. We were dealing with a sub-par insurance company that just did not want to take the claim seriously and denied us at every turn.

The group did a great job of keeping me informed at every step and at calming me down when I felt as though all hope was lost. Mr. Staver was very honest when we came upon the many different hurdles never once speculating but giving me the hard honest truth of the matter and the direction we were going to take.

Long story short, they got me the maximum payout and we didn’t have to go to trial.

I would recommend this firm to any and everyone looking for quality legal service.

Thank you Staver Law Group!

Jason W.

I had called the Staver Law Group to help my father with a personal matter. Tyler Kobylski was very compassionate and extremely helpful. The communication was wonderful and they received a settlement for him in such a short time. Don’t hesitate when hiring the Staver Group. Talk to them, they are very upfront as well as transparent!

Thank you for all your help in this matter!

Doug J.

I was involved in an automobile accident where I was blindsided by a driver who went through a deep red light. My vehicle was hit on the passenger side corner and spun around out of control and eventually, from the initial impact, hit another vehicle. From the accident, I immediately felt pain in my neck, shoulders and jaw area. After a few days, the pain grew to an excruciating level and I opted to contact a reputable law firm due to the fact that I was getting nowhere in contacting the person’s insurance company that was at fault.

Staver Law Firm came well recommended and called me in minutes after I submitted my claim on a website. Jared Staver and I spoke and he was most interested in my condition over anything. Quickly, he had his team of Doctors that he works with contact me to set up an appointment and then an MRI. I instantly felt like I was in the most capable of hands and all of the stress of ‘What do I do?’ went away.

After and MRI and the initial visit to the recommended ‘Team’ of doctors that Staver Law Group recommended, I started physical therapy and continued this for over two months.

From the accident, the MRI showed soft tissue damage as well as a herniated disc in my spine. With the help of the Physical Therapy and also the complete care and final check of my condition, I was discharged from the Physical Therapy and all claims were then sent to Staver Law Group. During the entire process, I kept checking my mail for bills and NEVER received anything.

Finally, once the settlement came in, Staver Law Group got the highest payment awarded for my case to account for not only my injuries, but all medical bills, their fees and the awarded settlement of dollars to replace the loss of ‘Normal’ life and pain I encountered during my recovery.

I recommend this Law Firm highly and hold them in the utmost regard for not only their professionalism and timeliness of handling settlements, but in their personal care and compassion for victims that feel completely helpless in a case where there is really nothing written to tell you what to do in such an event.

Richard G.

Here are the most memorable things about working with Jared:

1. On my initial phone call it was Jared who picked up the phone and gathered my information, not a receptionist.

2. Jared promised me during this process I would only speak to 3 lawyers himself , Patrick and Tyler. Even though I dealt with Jared 90% of the time Patrick and Tyler knew every detail of my case.

3. Jared responded to every email I sent during business hours within 10 minutes. After business hours I would normally get a response before I went to bed that evening.

4. The day after my surgery Jared called to see how everything went and how I was feeling.

5. The majority of the time Staver Law would call me to update me on the progress of my case and not make me have to constantly follow up with them.

6. From the time Jared settled with the insurance company to the time I got my check was less then 3 weeks.

I always felt like I was Jared’s number 1 client even though he was representing many people at the time. I was in a car accident that made me have major surgery and put me out of work for 4 months. Jared, Patrick, and Tyler helped me get my life back to normal. While I hope I never have to use his services again, he would be my first and only call.

Jason G.

I am very glad that I chose Staver Law Group to represent me in my case. Patrick is a great lawyer who took care of everything for me along the way. He handled my case very professionally and it was hassle free for me. I am happy to say that all my medical bills were covered and was compensated for the time I missed at work. I strongly recommend Staver Law Group and appreciate all the hard work they did for me. Thank you

Ethan K.

This was my husband and mine first experience with a car accident where a lawsuit had to be filed. Staver Law Group was referred to me by a friend of the family and we could not have been more pleased with the services received. Everyone was very professional, and seemed to genuinely care about our well-being. We did not feel like just another case, we were treated with respect and we felt like our case got the attention it deserved. My husband and I highly recommend this law firm to handle your legal matters, in an effective and efficient way.

Kenya H.

Staver Law Group did a FANTASTIC job of managing & expediting my case. They continued to keep me well informed of each step in the legal process, and I was always able to contact them and receive a prompt response via email or phone call. They were the constant professionals, and I highly recommend their services. The definitely put their clients first.


Sean O.

This review is long overdue, however I wanted to let people know that Staver Law group is phenomenal, professional, and time-oriented. I wanted to express my greatest and most sincere gratitude to the lawyers who handled my case with great efficiency and who also helped me from the beginning of the incident. Jared, Patrick, and Tyler are excellent lawyers and the results were outstandingly pleasant. The work of this law firm on this case turned a bad situation into a positive outcome for me.I am thankful for all three lawyers getting me through the emotionally, mentally and physically troubling times and making a joyful change in my life.I recommend this law firm for any and all individuals seeking a good result.

Shahab R.

Staver law group is the BEST, not only did they pick up my slow dragging case from “Dombrowski” going for a year. But they started from scratch and processed my injury claim in as little as 5 months. Absolutely Satisfied, THANKS STAVER LAW GROUP!!!!!

Kornell A.

I retained Attorney Jared Staver for my auto accident case almost 5 months after the accident happened, basically just before the insurance was about to close the case without a settlement. Attorney Jared Staver did a very good job, managing my case and obtaining a good settlement in a short time. He was very professional and easy to get in touch with, very polite and open, always updating me with the results of my case. I was really pleased having him on my side. I highly recommend him!


Working with the associates of the Staver Law Group made would could have been a very aggravating experience quite easy. They were very helpful from the beginning, and thoroughly explained every step of the process.

Michael P.

Staver Law group not only helped me settle a case that i thought was impossible, they did it in a very timely manner. I thank Jared Staver and his associates, especially Patrick, for continually working on my case and winning a battle with the insurance company, and helping me receive compensation for my incident. I highly recommend this Law Group for any personal injury cases that may occur. They are very professional and have been courteous from the moment i called their office.

Jimmy N.

Jared and his team of professionals made me feel like I was their most important client. They made a difficult situation seem easy by walking me through each step of the way always taking the extra time to be sure I was informed and understanding of the process.

Chris D.

Staver Law Group was very professional. Whenever I called the office, I was able to speak to Jared or a lawyer directly. Jared kept me informed and even returned my calls on the weekends. I felt heard, understood and supported.

Nancy F.

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