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01 What Our “No Win, No Fee” Policy Means

You Don’t Pay Unless We Win. Period.

You have enough to worry about after an accident—legal fees shouldn’t add to the stress. At Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C., our goal is to remove your financial burdens, from the second we meet to the moment we win. That’s why we don’t charge any costs unless we help you recover compensation.

Here’s what our “No Win, No Fee” policy looks like throughout the personal injury process.

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02 No Fees From the Start

We’ll Have a Free Initial Consultation

 It all starts with a free, no-obligation consultation. We won’t take your case unless we’re confident in your chances of recovering compensation. If your case has merit, we’ll dive in to deliver work that saves you time and money.

You Won’t Pay Any Retainers or Up-Front Costs

Up-front costs present the biggest barrier to seeking legal representation for some clients. Staver eliminates this hurdle by working on a contingency fee basis, rather than charging an hourly retainer or advance costs. 

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03 You'll Save More & Win More

Staver Will Cover All the Costs of Your Case

Staver pays all the costs involved in building your case so that you don’t have to. We’ll cover every charge that goes into investigating, gathering evidence, and otherwise preparing the strongest possible claim for max compensation.

You’ll See More of Your Settlement

If you do win, Staver charges a percentage of your recovery as payment—usually around 30%. The percentage is based on the amount of work we put toward your suit. Your fees at Staver will likely be lower than at other firms, which means you’ll see more of your settlement.

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Sample of Fees

Average personal injury outcome with an attorney:


30% attorney contingency fee:


Average medical costs of a non-fatal injury:


Client Payout


The above describes national averages and does not account for all possible losses associated with a severe injury. Outcomes depend on factors unique to that case, but our fee structure incentivizes us to maximize the compensation you recover.

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04 You Only Pay if We Win

We Prioritize Your Recovery. Not Your Money.

At Staver, your compensation comes before ours. That’s why we only get paid if you win, and the payment comes directly out of your settlement. We know what’s on the line for you, and we’ll do whatever we can to help you recover.

After an accident, you might be wondering:

“How am I going to pay these medical bills?

“How much will I lose if I can’t go back to work soon?”

“How can I afford a personal injury lawyer near me?”

When you hire Staver, you won’t be asking these questions. Our lawyers are here to alleviate your stress and anxiety after a personal injury.

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