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How Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. Can Help You.

A car accident can massively impact your life physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

But the good news is, you don’t have to adjust to sudden life changes alone. A Naperville car accident lawyer from Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. will help you get up and fight for your side. Just focus on recovering from your injuries and leave everything else to us.

on a mission…

…to lend a helping hand to car accident victims in Naperville, hold negligent drivers responsible and recover the most compensation possible. And we do this with our experienced team of injury lawyers and trial attorneys working tirelessly for our clients.

Meet Our Team of Attorneys

Founding Attorney Jared Staver

Jared Staver

Founding Attorney

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Attorney Tyler Kobylski

Tyler Kobylski


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Attorney Patrick Gill

Patrick Gill


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Attorney Paul Ciesielski

Paul Ciesielski


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Attorney Melanie Buckmaster

Melanie Buckmaster


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Our Dedication to the Legal Industry is Award-Winning

As a result of our dedication, our law firm has earned a number of legal industry awards, recognitions, and memberships:

Awards Memberships
Better Business Bureau A+ Rating
American Association of Personal Injury Attorneys
The AV Peer Rating
Top 100 Trial Lawyers of America
The National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys
Multi-Million Dollar Advocates
National Association of Distinguished Counsel
The Chicago Bar Association
The Illinois State Bar Association
The American Bar Association
Brain Injury Association of America ‘Preferred Attorney’

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We Work Tirelessly for You

We fight hard or all our clients, always seeking the fairest compensation possible.

Life after an auto accident leaves large, difficult messes to clean up after. Even as the dust is settling, your first call should be to a lawyer you can trust. Our Naperville accident attorneys know what it takes to put things right again after serious injuries.

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We’ve Earned the Support from Our Clients

Every time I’ve called, I’ve been asked how I’m feeling and how my medical treatment is going first. I’ve had every question answered as thoroughly and completely as possible, never been put on hold for more than about a minute, and all calls and emails are returned within less than a day. . . . I’d recommend them 100%.”

Stephanie N.


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When you hire one of our car accident lawyers in Naperville, you’ll get an attorney with compassion. We make sure that you understand the law, your rights, and your legal options. We will never leave you hanging.

To learn more about the ways in which a car accident lawyer can help you, call Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. at (630) 778-3770. You can also contact us online to schedule a free consultation with an attorney near you.


Compensation in Naperville Car Accidents

Usually, when people are hurt in car accidents, their primary concerns revolve around health care costs. Remember, you have rights and options. By filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit, you can hold the appropriate people accountable and be made financially whole again.

Yes, it can get complicated. But we’ve been doing this for some time and recognize hidden losses as well as the obvious ones. The exact amount of possible compensation will largely depend on your individual case – the severity of injuries, past and future costs, and the overall impact on your life.

We pursue fair compensation for:

What is my personal injury claim worth?
Why you need a lawyer

Why Do You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

When people are injured in car accidents, they wonder if chasing compensation is worth the trouble. After all: “What can a lawyer really do?” and “Won’t the insurance company just pony up as they should?”

No, you’re not legally required to hire a lawyer after a car accident, but it sure makes the process easier and increases the likelihood you’ll be offered an adequate settlement.

Your attorney will…

Get you more money

Did you know that of those who don’t hire a lawyer for their claim, only 51% receive a payout? And of those who did, 91% received a payout. These figures have been verified by Martindale-Nolo Research’s 2017 personal injury study.

Handle the insurance company

Lawyers rarely settle for the insurer’s first offer. Your Naperville auto accident attorney will carefully review the facts of your case to determine the appropriate ballpark for fair compensation. If the first offer is not enough, your Staver lawyer will participate in negotiations to reach a fair and equitable solution.

File a lawsuit

Insurers are known to avoid going to trial. It saves them time and money to settle out of court. But if you don’t pursue legal action, or at least threaten to, the insurer will be far less inclined to settle.

You may not be comfortable filing for yourself or threatening an insurance adjuster with legal action. Our Naperville accident attorneys handle it for you.

Clients Helped

“…I’d recommend them 100%.”

request a free consultation - (630) 778-3770
Types of Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

At Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, we can help you with virtually any personal injury situation, but we have particularly broad experience with motor vehicle accidents. That includes motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and more.

Whether involving 2, 4, 6, or 18 wheels, we’ll always be there for you when you need us


Car Accidents in Naperville, IL

Car accident cases require a lot of evidence gathering. Police reports, debris fields, and eyewitness accounts require a special set of investigative skills that we’ve honed for years. We know all the insurance companies. And they know we mean business. We know you’re hurting. When you call, you’ll always speak with a Staver attorney, not an assistant.


Accidents Involving Commercial Trucks

If you were in a car accident that involves a commercial truck, know that they are handled very differently. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. For example, commercial trucks are required by federal law to carry a substantial amount of insurance, which can be helpful during your claim. Data can also be collected from the electronic control modules (the black box), right away.

Car Accident Details

Types of Car Accidents In and Around Naperville

Some common types of car accidents we have handled include rear-end collisions, head-on collisions, and T-bone accidents. We can also help with distracted driving accidents and drowsy driving accidents. If you were involved in a drunk driving accident, we will work with police to collect evidence.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

There are some common causes behind them, including speeding, violation of traffic rules, dangerous lane changes, and failure to yield. We understand that the cause of an accident can impact who is at fault and how to handle a case.

Common Injuries From Car Accidents

In a violent impact, your body is exposed to such injuries as broken bones, sprains and strains, neck and back injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and more. If you suffer emotional distress after an auto accident in DuPage County, you might even have PTSD. Contact our Naperville car accident lawyers for help.

Our Process

Our Unique Approach to the Claims Process


We are bold, relentless, and passionate in how we carry out our claims process. As a result, you can be more confident in the potential outcome.

After an auto accident, you’ll need to take a number of critical steps. Our Naperville injury lawyers will guide you through the process so you’ll stay up to speed the whole way, even through filing a civil lawsuit in the DuPage County Circuit Court, if necessary.






Deal W/Insurance


Settlement Offer




Settle or Trial

Crash Investigation

Besides filling out the required forms, your accident attorney will put together a packet. This includes supporting documentation and a demand letter with a request for compensation.

We’ll also supply medical records, invoices regarding property damage, photos, witness statements, and other information.

| Next Step: Get Your Car Repaired or Replaced

Get your car repaired or replaced

You and your family rely on your vehicle to get around. We will help you get your car repaired or replaced as soon as practical.

And if you need a vehicle in the meantime, we’ll help arrange for a rental so you can start getting around again as soon as possible with minimal disruption.

| Next Step: Dealing with Insurance

We’ll Deal with Insurance Companies on Your Behalf

The claim process means plowing through a pile of paperwork, mail, and answering dozens of phone calls. An experienced Naperville accident lawyer will handle the whole process, from start to finish. And their involvement will greatly improve your chance of a win.

We do this type of work every day and can pre-empt any potential problems. We’ll communicate with the insurer, and make sure the insurer gets all of the information it needs without having to surrender your privacy.

| Next Step: Settlement Offer

Claim denial or settlement offer

After the insurance company investigates— and while we conduct our own —it will either deny your insurance claim or approve it and make a settlement offer. If the claim is denied, you should receive a detailed reason in writing. We’ll review and discuss appealing the denial, or pursuing your compensation in court. If you receive a settlement offer, we’ll analyze the specifics and make a counter-demand.

| Next Step: Negotiations

Participate in negotiations

The insurance company will take the time to look over your packet and carefully scrutinize the details of your injuries and issues. They will then make an offer to resolve your claim.

Our Naperville accident lawyers will assess the amount and won’t accept an offer that’s insufficient to compensate you for your losses. If the offer is low, we’ll continue to negotiate with the insurer to come to terms with a fair resolution.

| Next Step: Settle or Trial

Settle the case or go to trial

In some cases, we can’t reach a settlement with the negligent driver’s insurance company. It will be necessary to resort to court action. We’re prepared to give you legal advice and fight for your rights throughout every step of the civil lawsuit.

| Next Step: Crash Investigation
After the Accident

1. Get Medical Treatment

Your top priority should always be to seek medical care. Don’t skip out on it because you’re afraid of the cost. We’ll pursue compensation for all of your medical bills.

Edward Hospital has a Level II Trauma Center. For ongoing medical treatment, you can visit Edward-Elmhurst Health Rehabilitation.

Get Medical Treatment
Finish the police report

2. Finish the Police Report

If you’re in an emergency situation and someone is injured, you should dial 911. If you were taken in an ambulance, you probably didn’t have a chance to talk with the police. You’ll need to provide a statement to complete the accident report. To report your accident, you can contact the Naperville Police Department at (630) 420-6666. You can also file a report here.

3. Call Our Naperville Auto Accident Attorneys

We want to be part of your solution. Our car accident attorneys bring every possible resource to bear for our clients and strive to get you everything you need and deserve. You may be wondering if filing a suit is even worth the trouble. Just know that people generally get bigger awards when they work with a qualified accident attorney.
Let us show what we can do in a free, no-risk initial consultation. We work on a contingency basis – there’s no fee unless you win. So, there’s no cost for speaking with us and you will not be charged anything until you recover compensation.


Don’t let pain, suffering, and trauma from an accident take over your life. Call Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. at (630) 778-3770 or submit a request online. We’re always ready to listen and help.

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