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Hello I’m matthew, I am 29 years old and still in the middle of every thing right now. I have three kids and one on the way. Also, I am a full time welder. Since my head on collision I have not got to hold my kids “1,3,6” or play or help or tech them I have been in pain since the accident and consistent migraines. I have not been able to work which means rent, car payments bills food for my children all is a struggle I keep positive thoughts and strong faith that every thing will work out for the better. I PUT ALL MINE AND MY FAMILY’S HOPE,FAITH AND TRUST WITH STAVER LAW GROUP. THEY HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB SO FAR ALWAYS ON TOP OF THINGS GREAT WITH THE UPDATES I AM ALWAYS INFORMED OF WHAT IS GOING ON . KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB THE KATOCS FAMILY IS COUNTING ON YOU. THANK YOU AGAIN AND MAY THE LORD BLESS ALL OF YOU

Scott h.

I had an unfortunate accident being hit from behind while stopped at a red light.
I felt that I needed legal representation and the Staver Law Group came highly recommended.
They handled all my medical needs as well as bills so I could concentrate on healing.
I would highly recommend Staver Law Group to anyone having the same unfortunate situation to deal with. Great Communication!

Leslie s.

I would highly recommend Staver Law Group to anyone who has had a personal injury. Patrick, Alena, and Jennifer work tirelessly for their clients.


Staver law group is an extremely professional firm to work with. They worked at a timely manner and always ensure questions were properly answered. I definitely recommend their services, for I am very pleased with the outcome.

Yajaira S.

Highly recommend! Great team of attorneys that always put their client first.


The staff is incredibly friendly and knows what they are talking about. They will go above and beyond to accommodate for anything you may need.

Evan T.

Really great group of lawyers. They are clearly dedicated to their clients and getting the best results quickly!

Eric S.

Very professional, great team, would highly recommend

Greg M.

Staver Law Group did an excellent job with my case. They worked hard and fast. Very professional and answered any questions that I had concerning my case. I would use and recommend Staver Law Group to anyone who needs their service. Big thank you to you guys.

Davina N.

I worked with them for almost a year after my car accident. They organized and covered all the medical costs until I was healed and the lawsuit was finished against the other party insurance. The final settlement amount they were able to get was many multiples more than I had ever expected. Their experience and skill is evident through their patience, determination​ and commitment to having your best interests in mind. If they accept you as a client based on your case you can rest easy knowing the outcome will probably work out better than any other lawyer you could pick. The best law firm in Chicago that will exceed all your expectations.

T Page

Took the time to talk to me and give me great advice ..

Ivan T.

Great service, was to the point, when things looked bad it got better. They had patience when I did not Im truly happy and recommend them to those in need.

Julio C.

I am very pleased with how fast and diligently they worked on my case. They referred me to great Doctors and Therapist that worked with me and help accommodate my needs. Even going as far as having them send transportation to get me to and from an appointment. Staver Law group made it very pleasant and easy to talk with them and all the staff made sure to help with getting papers sent to the right people and they always called to update you and even emailed you and always kept you in the loop without you worrying about what’s going on. They are very thorough in what they do. I am very pleased and satisfied with their performance.I highly recommend Staver Law group. They are pleasant and easy to work with, they work to help make sure you get all of your medical and injury bills in order and paid very upfront and realistic about what is going on in your case.


From the first day we contacted Starver Law Group to the close of my case every single person we spoke to was knowledgeable and patient. Starver Law Group treated us if we were part if their family. I’m so thankful for the financial compensation and great doctor care I received through this process. I will recommend Starver Law Group to anyone that has been in an accident.

Durane G.

I called the Staver law Group when I was hurt in a car accident. They took my case and worked with me to get everything done. Everyone was very professional and my case was settled in a timely manner.

Jaleel M.

After my car accident I did what anyone would do and began to look up personal injury lawyers in the Chicagoland area. After scouring the web for a few days I began reading all the great reviews on Staver Law Group, so decided to give them a call. After speaking with Patrick I immediately knew that I would choose them to handle my case. They were there every step of the way whether it was helping me set up appointments, answering any questions I had, or just calling to update me on the progress of my case. I would like to thank everyone at Staver Law Group and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney.

Jordon B.

I highly recommend

Deborah M.

I recommend this law firm to anyone they walk you step by step and there very patient with you if your looking for 5 stars this is the place

sharon t.

This is my second time working with Staver Law Group and I am really pleased with Jarred and his team. They have settled my case in a timely manner and they fought hard for the money I received. I give them five stars.

Davida H.

Jared Staver Law Firm is incredible. I felt comfortable and secure with them throughout the whole settlement. They were able to get me a nice compensation.

alicia s.

I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but Jared and the Team at Staver Law Group were exceptionally Professional, Compassionate and Patient as they helped me reach a generous settlement for injuries I received in an auto accident. Now that they have completely disproved my preconceptions about Personal Injury Law, I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone.

(2/13/17) Once again, Patrick, Jennifer, and the whole Staver Law team have proven themselves to be consummate professionals! Another auto accident with injuries, another generous settlement that turned a bad situation into a good one. Still wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone!

Dave M.

Highly recommended! Staver Law Group is quick, efficient and very professional! I was informed step by step about every detail of my case. If you need a lawyer please contact them you will not be disappointed!!!

Mo B

I called the Staver law Group when I was hurt in a car accident. The group took my case and worked very hard to help me. They kelp me informed as to what was going on at all times. They worked fast and timely to support me. They were always available to talk with me when I had questions or concerns. They would call me. I did not have to chase them down. They were always nice and seemed interested in my case. I highly recommend the Staver Law Group. I give them a 5 star rating.

Kay S.

Staver Law Group Really Blessed Me In My Time Of Trouble…..2016 Was The Worst Year Ever!!! Before My Accident My Mother Had Passed Away In February, So I Was Already Dealing With That, Then A Day Before My Bday Which Is September 7th I Was Hit By A Car Downtown. I Was Hurt And Confused, As Soon As Loved Ones Were Informed They All Told Me Get A Lawyer And Staver Law Group Was The 1St To Pop Up Online So I Just Went With Them, And It Was The BEST Choice I Made. These People Are So Kind, Understanding And Very Patient. I Would Definitely Recommend Them To All!!!! They Work Fast And They Keep You In The Loop. Patrick Gill Was My Guy, And He Is Forever That Guy In My Eyes…. Awesome Team And Patrick You Are The Best!!!!!! The Outcome Was Way More Then I Was Looking Forward To. Thank You Guys A Million And God Bless You All So You Can Continue To Bless Others!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura J.

Great service! Very professional and they’ll make sure you’ll get every penny you deserve. Outstanding law group

Rodrigo T.

After my accident I was in pursuit of a law firm to handle my case. After careful consideration I selected the Staver Law Group. The initial phone conversation left me with a comfortability I didn’t receive from other firms I spoke with. I felt content with the team handling my case. I was adequately informed of the case status. The team at Staver Law Group worked diligently on my case. If you are in need of a law firm that will fight for you, try Staver Law Group.


Going through an accident is difficult – physically, financially, emotionally. Staver Law Group took care of everything – all I had to do was recover. I can’t recommend them strongly enough. Seemed like I had a pretty cut and dried case – got into an accident with a drunk driver who had no insurance, and I, unfortunately, only had the minimum coverage required. Not only did they get me a settlement (really, I guess any lawyer can do that) BUT they got me far more than I expected.

More importantly though, they did it quickly (in time for Christmas)!

Lastly (and to me what made them stand out more than anything), everyone that works at this firm is professional, polite, respectful, and friendly – from the receptionist to the paralegals to the attorneys. Every time I’ve called: I’ve been asked how I’m feeling and how my medical treatment is going first, I’ve had every question answered as thoroughly and completely as possible, never been put on hold for more than about a minute, and all calls and emails are returned within less than a day. Never once did I feel like I was bothering them, nor did I feel like I was just another client.

As I said, I’d recommend them 100%.

stephanie n.

l was hit by a driver who had horrible insurance . However Staver law group fought hard on my behalf to get what i deserved . I didn’t have to worry about anything i also got physical therapy for my back. I would recommend them to anyone. These guys are amazing !!!

Marquis J.

I already had a lawyer for my case so I ended up making the switch to Staver law group. Staver law group’s customer service was outstanding in every sense of the word! Everything from their overall appearance, to the sense of urgency when handling your case, to the teamwork and cooperation turned my stressful situation into an most non existent issue. I am thankful for all of their efforts.

April 4th 2016 I was struck by a drunk driver head on. I suffered from soft tissue injuries to the neck and back I went to physical therapy for about 8weeks . I immediately hired a lawyer but was not satisfied with the communication between her and I. I felt like my case was not a priority.

I googled “best injury lawyers in Chicago” and Staver Law popped up! The first conversation with them on the phone alone out me at ease. My case was resolved in just weeks after my last doctor’s appointment. They were HAPPY to answer every call and had answers to ANY questions I had I cannot thank them enough!

Brittany M.

I highly recommend Staver Law Group. They are very fast and efficient. They will get you every dollar you deserve. If you need a lawyer call Patrick and Paul, they keep you informed on everything, even the small stuff you don’t think matters. And you don’t wait hours or days for a response, these guys know what their doing if you need a personal injury lawyer, don’t hesitate to give Staver Law Group a call. Thanks again guys!

Robert M.

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