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Bringing order to chaos. See how Staver has resolved complicated cases just like yours.

My experience with them was good because they really listened to me and were patient with my case. I would work with them again without a doubt ?

Ndeye F.

In the day and age we now live in it is easy to be a skeptic with everyone out to make a quick buck. By far Staver Law Group is the real deal. These guys were very easy to work with. Professional at every corner and fought on our behalf and we were pleasantly surprised with the settlement they attained for us. Big thanks to Jennifer and Patrick!

James P.

My experience with this law firm was Great. Everyone was so professional through out the case. They get the job done, in a timely manner . If I ever need a Lawyer again I’m definitely calling Saver Law Group. Thank you guys for Everything

Tynesha M.

I can’t lie I’m really amazed at how fast and adequate the service is here. ??

Not only did they get me a settlement well over 10k but the promptness of it was down right scary.

The best law experience I’ve ever had bar none!

Ph P.

I had an accident few months ago. I was waiting at red light and another car rear ended mine. I was physically injured. I contacted Staver law group after hearing from a friend and explained about my situation. They agreed to work on my case . They are very professional and they explained everything and helped me with everything right from filling out paperwork in our very first meeting. I knew I was in safe hands and need not worry about a thing. They took care of all the paperwork. Few months after the accident, they came back to me with a very good news that the other guy’s car insurance company has agreed to compensate for my personal injury.. They are someone who you can trust. I strongly recommend them.

Thank you Staver law group.


I would highly recommend Staver Law Group to those looking for a personal injury attorney. The staff were always friendly, professional, easy to reach, answered any question I had, and they handled and settled my case much quicker than I thought. Thanks SLG!

Aneesha W.

Staver Law Group deserves 10 stars! By far the best law group I have ever worked with. Very easy to communicate with, unbelievable support through my injury and very to the point. Would recommend them 1000x times!

dustin m.

The professionalism of the team was wonderful. I didnt have to wonder what was going on with my case. They were on it!

Derrick C.

Staver Law Group is AWESOME!!! The Attorneys really know how to take the stress off and provide the help needed. Tyler Kobylski really showed that client satisfaction is their main priority. I would recommend the Staver Law Group to anyone for their integrity, work ethic and commitment to bringing their clients the maximum settlement to which they are entitled. I just want to thank Patrick Gill for keeping me informed and being available for my many questions every step of the way.

Larita V.

I had a great experience with this law group. This was my first time in a car accident and I wasn’t familiar with the process at all. They helped me from beginning to the end & answered any questions I had. They made the process a lot easier & comfortable! I would definitely recommend them!!! Thanks so much!!

cierra t.

I will like thank staver law group for helping really appreciate what the whole law group has done for me I do recommend anyone to them thanks again great team work

Ashley R.

I highly recommend this staver law group. excellent results and great customer service. gives results very fast. I am very thankful to them.

Jirald C.

I will personally like to thank Staver Law Group for handling my case. I had previously took my case to two other law firms that set on my case and did nothing with it. I was told by another firm that my case was not winnable therefore, they will not take the case. When I took it to Staver Law Group they not only took the case, they won a nice settlement for me. I am more than pleased with the professionalism and performance that this Law Group has displayed. Thank you Tyler and Jared for all of your dedicated hard work and for making sure my cases got handled properly. I will truly recommend this company to anyone that has a personal injury lawsuit.
Thank you again Staver Law Group.

Marie P.

Staver law group is the best personal injury law firm in chicago !he an his associates ,such as the great Patrick Gill!, Did outstanding work on my case. Chicago I highly recommend u call Jared Staber. they r the real deal!!!

Jeffery S.

Staver law group did a great job thank you

gerardo g.

I was hit by a semi last summer 2015. I got my nice settlement by August. I wasn’t expecting it so quick. They work fast. They know what they’re doing! I just recommended staver law group to my friend that was involved in an accident today aND realized I never gave a review…so here it is. 🙂

Greg H.

So glad that I found Staver Law Group, they were quick and took care of everything. What a relief to have them step in when the insurance company I was dealing with only wanted to take advantage of me. Medical bills were taken care of and I walked away with a fair settlement.

Melissa D.

I would highly recommend Staver Law Group one of the best law firm when it comes to personal injury. They fought these tough insurance companies & got me a settlement that I was not even expecting. Don”t hesitate to call Staver Law Group or even pass up on them because you will regret it! “I will like to say Thank You to Staver Law Group for the great work, Me and my family will always be grateful for your service.

alfredo r.

I was referred through a friend to the Staver Law group after I was involved in a car accident. Knowing nothing about this process all representatives were professional and very kind when answering my questions. Overall, I am very pleased with the services I received and recommend this law group without hesitation.

Erika F.

If you’re seeking a experienced injury lawyer firm that’s responsive to calls, has tons of 5 star reviews, the Staver Law Group should be your only choice! These attorneys will fight for you! Highly recommend!!

Luis L

The lawyers at Staver Law Group took great care of my case. They where very quick paced and always kind to me and my needs. They always kept in contact with me and kept me informed about the proceeding steps after months of communication. I’m so glad I found the Staver law group professionals: Tyler, Jared, and Jennifer are amazing people to work with during any injury case. My case was settled thanks to the professional team. I am forever grateful for their help.

Raven B.

Staver Law , has the best attorneys in Chicago. Staver law sated with me on my case through, every process and was able to give me all the legal assistance I needed. Times now a days are hard and especially after some of the hardships we go through l, Staver Law understands. I had completely no hassles, and I felt support through every step through my case. Thanks Staver Law you , you have my salute. Kudos to Patrick Gill.


This was my first experience getting legal help. Staver Law group has been nothing but professional, patient, and precise with me and my case. I highly recommend them.


I appreciate their services !! They kept me informed, they were very effective , and thorough with my outcome!!

Kevin K.

I found The Staver Law Group online after A semi rear ended my car. I connected them and 3 other law firms but the Staver group got back to me right away, that same day.
The process was easy and they explain everything that would happen.
I’m pleased with the ending results as I got a good settlement in less then 5 months.
I give them 5 stars for their professionalism and prompt services.

David W.

At first I was very scared because the case was not moving as fast as I wanted it to, I was ready to give up but my lawyer Patrick talked me into not giving up and a few weeks later I received a call with the best new ever. I had received a very nice amount of money for a car accident that I was not really that hurt from, I have back pains but nothing very serious and they still Manger to get a few thousand dollars for me… so yes I would recommend people to them and also If in life anything happen again I wold use them again… great people just take a little time but patients is the key!!!

jackie g.

Hi my name is Cary Locklear and when I first talked to Mr. Jared he didn’t really think we had a strong chance of winning but he said don’t worry about just let me do what it is that I do best an I’ll call you back with updates. Let’s just say he more than just won my case I am very happy about my settlement that he won for me I can’t thank him enough so please if you were any kind of car accidents this is the lawyer for you!!! No if, ands, or buts about it just go see him or call an make an appointment with him an see what he can do for you!!

Cary L.

Jared Staver was very helpful. Highly recommend. He was able to work around my schedule and get me physical therapy for my back.
Highly recommend to anyone who has been in a car accident and needs a great lawyer.

Andrea H.

Good group of guys. Key Points, They are good lawyers. Responsive, Aggressive, Well resourced, Experts in Injury law. My suit went lightening fast and knowing how long these things can drag that was the added bonus. They are highly recommended by me.

Rich P.

The Staver Group was very helpful in answering all my questions and helping me navigate the process. I would recommend them.

Alla L.

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