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Can My License Be Suspended After an Accident?

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Your license will not be suspended just because you get into an accident. But additional, aggravating factors such as lacking insurance or being under the influence can cause restrictions or suspensions of your license.

Car Accidents Without Insurance

If you’re an uninsured driver, your license could get suspended if you cause an accident.

In Illinois, the law mandates that motorists involved in accidents that cause injury or property damage in excess of $500 must file a report with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) within 10 days of the accident. Note that this requirement is separate from a motorist’s duty to file a police report for an accident causing injury or more than $1,500 in property damage.

IDOT will review the facts of the accident, note the identity of any uninsured drivers, and determine which of them were likely to be at fault. For those uninsured drivers deemed to be at least 50% at fault for the accident, IDOT will suspend their license and registration.

Can I Contest My License Suspension?

Upon receiving your notice of suspension, you can schedule a hearing to contest the IDOT’s preliminary findings. To succeed at the hearing, you’ll need to show evidence that you did not cause the accident, or that you did have insurance at the time of the accident.

Other parties to the accident might attend this hearing, so be prepared to rebut their testimony.

Car Accidents While Under the Influence

When the police respond to your accident, they may submit you to a breathalyzer test if they suspect you are inebriated. If your blood alcohol level is over the limit, you will be charged with driving under the influence (DUI).

Your first DUI conviction will result in a one-year revocation, with further offenses garnering longer license suspensions.

If you lose your license, you can apply for a restricted driving permit with the Illinois Department of State, which will allow you to drive during certain hours to get work, to school, to the hospital, or to substance abuse meetings. These restricted driving permits are awarded on a case-by-case basis, and you will not receive one just because you need it.

License Restrictions for Teens

Illinois drivers between 15 and 20 must obey additional rules and will get harsher penalties for certain moving violations, such as driving under the influence. For example, Illinois has a zero-tolerance policy for drivers under 21 with any amount of alcohol in their blood. Further, if a driver between 18 and 20 years old gets two moving violations in a 2-year period, his or her license will be suspended for one month.

An Experienced Accident Attorney Can Help

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