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Car Accident Reconstruction in Chicago

When you start building a case for compensation after a car accident, there are many factors that can help or hurt your case. You may remember the details of the crash, but the other driver might not agree with you, or perhaps your memories are unclear. This is where accident reconstruction fills the gaps.

Forensic engineers will review evidence, analyze witness testimony, and will often visit the scene of the accident to determine the details of the crash. It is hard for you to accurately estimate details such as how fast the other motorist was driving upon impact, but using principles of physics and engineering, a reconstructionist can often find answers to many of these questions.

At Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C., we can help you decide if a reconstructionist is necessary and guide you at every step of the reconstruction process. Contact us online or call us today at (312) 236-2900.

Do I Need an Accident Reconstructionist?

Accidents happen every day, and how severe they are can vary. Sometimes a car accident is straightforward, and no reconstruction is needed to determine the facts of the accident. If liability is clear-cut or if you and the other motorist are in complete agreement about the details, there may be no need to hire a forensic engineer.

However, if you need additional information, such as vehicle speed, force of collision, or possibly code violations, an accident reconstructionist can help.

A reconstructionist may be hired by any of the parties involved in the accident, or even EMTs if there are severe injuries or deaths involved. Our firm has extensive experience working with reconstructionists. Whether they are hired by our team, called in by the other motorist, or brought in by a third party, we will work closely with them to ensure a comprehensive analysis of the scene.

What Happens After a Car Accident?

After an accident, the initial investigation is conducted by police. They will photograph the scene, record details such as location, damage, and make and model of the vehicles. However, police officers are not engineers, and though they may be able to describe damage and record testimony, they typically do not examine the scene with the goal of clarifying the sequence of events and responsibility of the different drivers.

Contacting a Chicago car accident lawyer may help you determine if a reconstructionist is needed, who to call, and how to communicate your specific needs. A reconstructionist may be able to show that you are the victim, strengthening your case for compensation.

How Does Accident Reconstruction Work?

Accident reconstruction is carried out by forensic engineers. Reconstructionists are highly educated in the technology and procedures of their field, often holding reconstruction certifications or advanced degrees.

Forensic engineers may use a variety of techniques to uncover the crash narrative. Photographs of damage, vehicle positions, witness testimony, and medical records can all help an engineer reconstruct the accident. On-site, they will look for any evidence you may have missed, including skid-marks on the road, damage to the surroundings, and the car’s position in the road.

The engineer may also conduct an inspection of the vehicles. They will establish the car’s crush profile and the way the force of the collision spread through the vehicle. They may also be able to confirm how your injuries occurred. Visiting the scene of the accident is vital to an engineer’s ability to reconstruct the crash, as it allows them to more easily assess the condition of the vehicles and how they relate to each other, nearby intersections or road changes, and traffic signs.

Accident reconstructionists use principles of physics, advanced simulation technology, and research by professionals in the field to uncover the facts of the accident. By measuring damage, crush profiles, and angles, they can often learn the speed and force of the collision, or whether the motorists accelerated prior to the accident.

If a vehicle spun out, the reconstructionist can often tell why it happened. Inspection of the vehicle may also allow the reconstructionist to determine if the damage was due to the accident or if the vehicle was already in disrepair.

How Does an Accident Reconstructionist Conduct an Investigation?

The job of a reconstructionist involves many complex steps. It will often take multiple visits to the scene of the accident, inspecting and taking detailed photos of the scene, recording detailed interviews with all witnesses, examining the vehicles involved and the damage sustained, examining the injuries sustained by the parties, and looking at all relevant environmental and road factors. To reconstruct the accident, the reconstructionist uses scientific models to create likely scenarios. They may even be able to simulate the crash by using computer-aided animation or diagrams.

The reconstructionist will then take all of that data to identify actions that the parties could have taken to avoid the accident. They will analyze any injuries sustained and attempt to draw correlations with the accident simulations, if any. The reconstructionist will then determine whether there were any driving errors that may have led to the accident. Finally, they will draft and prepare a final report, which can be used as the basis for any expert testimony in court.

Choosing a good accident reconstructionist requires that you carefully research an expert’s experience, credentials, and reputation. A good expert will want to review all of the facts and available evidence. Additionally, a good expert should have experience providing testimony in court and be able to effectively communicate technical concepts to laypeople.

What Will My Accident Attorney Do?

Our firm has years of experience working to help victims of vehicle accidents recover compensation. We’ve worked with a variety of forensics engineers. Not only do we know who to bring in to help with your case, but we know how to translate their findings into a report that a jury and insurance companies will understand.

The jargon of car accident reconstruction can be difficult to navigate. How does skid analysis explain a motorist’s reaction to an impending collision? What does a vehicle’s center of gravity say about the collision? A no win no fee attorney can simplify this information and help you build a more comprehensive case. It is critical that our firm works closely with accident reconstruction analysts to ensure that your rights are protected.

Contact Staver Car Accident Attorneys Today

Our team has years of experience helping victims of vehicle accidents recover compensation. We know just how devastating an accident can be, and we want to help your get your life back on track. Our attorneys have experience working closely with professional accident reconstruction analysts and can help you at every step to ensure that your reconstructive is comprehensive.

The condition of the accident scene is vital to a detailed reconstruction, so time is of the essence. At Staver, we believe in holding negligent drivers and companies accountable, and our team is prepared to help you during this difficult time.

To find out how to navigate accident reconstruction and learn more about your rights as a victim, reach out online or call us at (312) 236-2900.

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