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Top 5 Mechanical Reasons For Car Accidents

Written by Jared Staver

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We all want to avoid car accidents. Vehicular collisions can be devastating and can result in physical and financial hardship for those involved. There are a variety of reasons behind the multitude of car accidents reported each year. However, a mechanical defect is the culprit in many instances.

Mechanical Reasons For Car Accidents

It is important that car owners understand the possible mechanical problems that can lead to an accident.

1. Faulty Brakes
The braking system in a car is critical to the vehicle’s operation. When there is a brake failure on a car due to lack of proper maintenance, this can lead to a serious car accident. The ability of the driver to bring the vehicle to a stop can result in multiple car collisions resulting in severe and possibly fatal injuries.

Some of the issues that will lead to a faulty braking system will include as follows:

  • Worn out brake pads;
  • Brake fluid lines that leak; and
  • An ABS that is malfunctioning.

It is important that owners and drivers conduct regular maintenance checkups of their brakes, especially when going on long trips.

2. Tire Problems
The tires on a vehicle are not just there to move the car along. They serve as the traction necessary to keep your car on the road. When anything happens to your tire during driving, it can lead to an accident.
Typical tire problems that can result in an accident includes:

  • Tire blow-out;
  • Worn out threads; and
  • Inadequate inflation

The condition of your tire is essential for all travel, but it is especially critical that you ensure that your tire is in the best state when driving in wet, snowy, or icy weather conditions.

3. Faulty Wipers
The wipers on a car will often get the least maintenance compared to the rest of the car. This is because wipers are not used all the time and unfortunately drivers will sometimes only realize that the wipers are worn when it is too late.

Worn wipers are just one issue that can lead to a faulty wiper. Additionally, the motor that controls the wipers can go bad. If this happens while driving in rain or snow, this will significantly alter your ability to see the road and other road users. Poor weather is already a significant condition for an accident, if you add a faulty wiper in the mix, there could be a serious accident.

4. Vehicle Lighting
The head lights and tail lights play a crucial role not only for the driver but other road users. The head lights on a vehicle help the driver to maintain visibility, especially when driving at night or in extreme weather conditions. If a head light is out or dim, this can cause an accident. The same goes for a tail light that is not working. The tail light on the car allows other vehicles to see you from behind, when these are not working, rear-ending is very possible.

The headlight and tail lights are not the only lighting elements that you should pay attention to in car maintenance. Blinkers are critical when driving as they signal to other drivers your intentions to turn. If your blinker bulbs go out while driving, this can cause an accident.

You should make a habit of carrying out regular inspections on your lights at least once per week.

5. Steering Issues
When the steering system on a car fails, it takes away a critical function in controlling the vehicle. If this happens while driving, a severe car accident is possible. The steering component of a car is susceptible to failure due to regular wear and tear. Additionally, other issues can include leakage in the lines for the power steering fluid and other aspects of the system.

After An Accident Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. Can Help

A victim of a car accident caused by mechanical failure can result in serious injury and loss. If the accident was not your fault, you could be entitled to financial compensation. For years, the attorneys at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. have been dedicated to pursuing personal injury claims for individuals injured in car accidents.

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