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What to Do if You Get into a Car Accident at a Stop Sign in Illinois

Written by Jared Staver

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Jared Staver is a Personal Injury Lawyer based in Chicago, Illinois and has been practicing law for over 20 years.

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Many drivers have witnessed someone rolling through a stop sign or ignoring traffic signals while driving.

This behavior might be typical in Illinois and ace U.S., but that doesn’t make it acceptable. Drivers must obey the rules of the road. This includes making a complete stop at a stop sign and ensuring they have the right-of-way before continuing. Otherwise, their negligence may lead to a devastating accident.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident at a stop sign in Illinois, knowing how to obtain compensation to recover and put the crash behind you is helpful.

What Causes Accidents at Stop Signs?

There are multiple reasons why a driver might fail to stop. If you are involved in a stop sign accident in Illinois, you may discover the other driver exhibited one or more of the following behaviors:

They might not have paid attention to their surroundings or were too impatient to brake completely. In rare cases, you or another party may have caused the crash because of a defective car part or brake failure.

Whatever caused your stop sign accident, you deserve to hold the at-fault party accountable and seek compensation to recover from your injuries and other damages.

Chicago Car Crash Damages

Stop sign accidents can cause serious harm, especially if the at-fault driver is speeding or driving recklessly. The losses you sustain after a car accident and other personal injuries are called damages.

Compensation can cover economic and non-economic damages, including:

No matter how a crash at a stop sign affected you, you deserve to be made whole again through compensation. An experienced Chicago car accident attorney can calculate your damages and pursue the maximum amount you need to recover fully.

Steps to Take After a Stop Sign Accident in Chicago

When you’re in an accident, knowing what to do next can be challenging. However, the steps you take after an Illinois crash can be critical for your financial and physical recovery.

Here are some actions you can take immediately after an accident at a stop sign:

Seek Emergency Medical Attention

Regardless of your role, the most crucial step is seeking immediate medical attention if you are involved in any type of accident. A healthcare professional can diagnose and treat any injuries and potentially save you from serious harm down the line.

You might assume you’re fine after an accident at a stop sign, but even low-impact crashes can cause severe injuries. Some conditions take days or even weeks after an impact to reveal themselves—including life-threatening head trauma.

Seeking medical attention after a crash can prevent injuries from appearing or worsening, so it’s best to follow this step even if you feel okay. You can also use documentation of your visit to support your claim later on and prove the extent of your damages.

Contact a Lawyer

Some injury victims believe they can handle the claims process themselves, but this can result in significantly lower compensation and higher pressure. You deserve to focus on recovering from a car accident without the added stress of filing your claim and handling insurance alone.

A lawyer can be your best advocate after a Chicago stop sign crash. After our simple prescreening process, the attorneys at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. can help gather crucial evidence, collect your medical reports, interview potential witnesses, deal with insurance adjusters, and negotiate a fair and worthy settlement.

Collect Evidence

You will need to provide compelling evidence of the other party’s negligence in your stop sign accident, such as:

  • Photos and videos
  • Witness testimony
  • Police statements
  • Surveillance footage from nearby buildings or traffic cameras
  • Medical records
  • Accident reconstructionist data

Insurers can deny a claim if there’s insufficient evidence, but your attorney will help collect the necessary information to avoid any issues. Through gathered evidence, you may be able to prove the other driver failed to stop at the stop sign or was distracted or intoxicated, leading to your accident and injuries.

File a Claim with the Insurance Company

Illinois is an at-fault state, which means you will likely file a claim through the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The company will be liable for covering your injuries and other damages you sustained from the stop sign accident.

It can be tricky negotiating with insurance companies, especially if you’re unaware of the common tactics they use to avoid paying what you deserve. A Chicago car accident attorney can defend you against greedy insurers and fight for the payment you need to recover fully and smoothly.

Let Our Chicago Stop Sign Accident Attorneys Help

If another driver caused your accident at an Illinois stop sign, you deserve to pursue compensation. However, knowing the steps to take after a car crash can be difficult without the legal knowledge and guidance of an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer. Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. serves clients in various locations—including Chicago, AuroraElginHinsdaleJolietNaperville, and Waukegan.

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