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Pokémon Go Car Accidents On The Rise

Written by Jared Staver

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Lately, the mobile phone app, “Pokémon Go” has become all the rage. You’ve probably seen groups of people congregating on random street corners, all staring at their mobile phones and wondered what they were doing before someone explained the game to you. While the game has taken the world by storm, it has also caused several Pokémon Go car accidents in the United States, when a driver, distracted by the game has plowed into another vehicle and in one instance a tree. These incidents highlight how important it is to not engage in distracting behaviors, like playing “Pokemon Go” while behind the wheel.

Multiple Accidents Caused by Drivers Playing “Pokémon Go”

Thankfully, at this time, no fatalities or serious injuries have been reported due to distracted drivers using this game, but it is only a matter of time, particularly as the game continues to increase in popularity.

In one incident, reported in mid-June, a man in Auburn, NY crashed his car into a tree because he was distracted by the “Pokémon Go” mobile app. The man sheepishly admitted to police that he had been playing the game while driving and was distracted. Thankfully, only his car suffered damage in the crash, and neither the distracted driver nor anyone else was injured.

In an even more embarrassing episode in Baltimore, a driver collided with a parked police car while hunting for Pokémon at 3:30 a.m. The police had just responded to a 911 call and were, fortunately, standing on the sidewalk, several feet away from their vehicle when the driver slammed into their parked patrol car at a high speed. Again, no one was injured in the collision, but the patrol car and the distracted driver’s vehicle both sustained serious damage as a result of the impact.

Cell Phones and Distracted Driving Are Serious Issues on American Roads

One of the leading causes of car accidents today is distracted driving. Recent research by the National Safety Council found that more than 24% of accidents on America’s roads involved cell phone use by one or more drivers. Although you often hear about the dangers of texting and driving, you likely have never heard anyone say that it is dangerous to play “Pokémon Go” when operating your motor vehicle. Using any phone app, whether it is “Pokémon Go” or your bank’s mobile function, distracts you from what is going on around you and puts you, your passengers and other drivers and passengers at risk.

The experienced car accident and personal injury attorneys of Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. encourage you to always drive without picking up your cell phone for your safety and the safety of those around you.

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