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What to Know About Work Zone Accidents in Chicago

Written by Jared Staver

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Construction projects and work zones are often viewed as necessary inconveniences as we try to get around Chicago. While they can disrupt normal traffic patters, these work zones often create hazards that could lead to significant harm.

The Federal Highway Administration reported there were nearly 1,000 fatalities in the latest available data. These numbers are trending upward. For any driver killed or even hurt in a construction zone, there is compensation available.

Learn more about work zone crashes and the damages available.

Why are Work Zones so Dangerous for Drivers?

Crashes happen for all sorts of reasons. Work zones can be a unique challenge for drivers. If there’s something that distracts their focus from the road, a driver may have the potential to crash.

Some of the biggest dangers in work zones come from:

  • Reduced speed limits: drivers may ignore posted speed limits, or not give themselves time to slow down.
  • Lane Closures: narrowed roads mean restricted movement. You may have a harder time avoiding crashes.
  • Altered Traffic Patterns: although drivers should be paying attention to their route, some are creatures of habit. They may not anticipate a traffic change, which leads to crashes.
  • Increased distractions: work zones are full of distractions, and curious drivers may miss stopped traffic or signs to stop.
  • Impaired visibility: work zones can create debris or require large machinery that affects drivers’ line of sight.
  • Reckless driving: impatient drivers may not adjust their driving, which could lead to accidents.

What Causes Crashes Happen in Work Zones?

Crashes in work zones can happen for many reasons. Some accidents will be harder to avoid than others, but some of the dangers can be mitigated with caution. Accidents could be caused by another driver, or the work zone itself could lead to your injuries.

Driver Negligence

Any time a driver isn’t careful, the potential for harm increases. In a work zone, that harm could befall you if another driver is going too fast, isn’t paying attention to the road, tailgating you, or driving while impaired.

Drivers have a responsibility to operate their vehicles safely to the best of their ability. If another driver chooses not to be safe in a work zone and you get hurt, you could have a claim for compensation.

Work Zone Hazards

Work zones could cause accidents for drivers, even when they’re doing their best to stay safe. Hazards include missing or outdated signs, dangerous road conditions, poor traffic control measures, malfunctioning equipment, or worker negligence.

These hazards can put drivers in harm’s way. Identifying liable parties could prove challenging, but you have a right to compensation if someone’s negligence caused your losses. There may be more than one liable party, especially if there’s a combination of hazards from other drivers or construction workers.

Compensation Available after a Chicago Work Zone Accident

Illinois is an at-fault state, meaning you have the right to pursue compensation after another person’s negligence caused your injuries. If you were hurt while driving through a Chicago work zone, you can pursue your economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are concrete financial losses that have clear value assigned to them. They’ll help you financially recover after an accident.

They include your:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Property damage

Your non-economic damages are more challenging. They are subjective losses that don’t have a clear monetary value. They represent the pain and suffering you experienced because of your accident.

Other non-economic losses include your:

  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Scarring or disfigurement

Do Punitive Damages Apply to Work Zone Accidents?

In some cases, you can be awarded punitive damages. They are designed to punish the guilty party, not to help in your recovery. Punitive damages are rarely included in personal injury cases, but each case is unique. The judge or jury may grant them, depending on the circumstances of your case.

How To Recover Compensation After a Work Zone Crash

If you’ve been the victim of a work zone accident, you might not know where to start your personal injury recovery journey. Follow these steps to protect your right to compensation.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

If you aren’t taken to a hospital from the scene of the crash, you need to see a medical provider right away. They can identify your injuries and create a medical record for your case.

Document the Scene

If you can, get pictures or video of the scene of the crash. Your case will be built on evidence. Your photos of your injuries, damaged property, skid marks, equipment, road condition, and signage can support your personal injury claim. Make sure you get the other driver’s contact information, as well as info from any witnesses.

Report the Accident

Under Illinois law, any crash must be reported to the police if someone is hurt, there’s more than $1,500 worth of damage to any vehicle, or if there’s $500 in damage to any uninsured vehicles. Police will interview those involved and any witnesses, document the scene, and create a police report that you can use in your claim.

Contact a Chicago Work Zone Injury Lawyer

Call a lawyer who deals with personal injury cases and has experience with car accidents. Find a lawyer who will advocate for your recovery and help you fight for maximum compensation.

Chicago Work Zone Accident FAQs

Are There Tips for Driving Through a Work Zone?

Being cautious can help you navigate a work zone. You should stay alert and minimize distractions, drive with your headlights on, and watch the road. Following at an appropriate distance and following the speed limit will reduce the chance of an accident. Keep your eye out for any flaggers or signs that can direct you through a construction zone.

How Will a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

Hiring an attorney is your best chance at getting the most compensation possible. Insurance companies are profit-driven, so they often offer lowball settlements. Your attorney can identify these settlements and help you fight for the compensation you need throughout the settlement process.

Your personal injury lawyer will investigate your accident, find any liable parties, collect evidence to prove your losses, and represent you in talks with the insurance company or in court, if necessary. They will advocate for your full financial recovery.

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