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Common Jet Ski Injuries

Written by Jared Staver

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The weather is heating up, which means that lakes and rivers are seeing more jet skis. jet skis provide fun family entertainment, but they can also be dangerous. Before hitting the water, it’s important to be aware of common jet ski injuries so you can stay safe.

Operator error is the main cause of jet ski injuries. Reckless behavior is common on the water, but there are situations in which you might not be at fault. If you were injured by a defective jet ski or third party, our Chicago personal injury attorneys at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. can determine liability.

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Avoid These Jet Ski Injuries

Don’t ruin your trip to the lake with a hospital visit. Avoid these injuries:

  • Concussions. These are the most common injury. Concussions occur when there is a blow to the head. Water is very dense and can cause head injuries when hit at high speeds.
  • Spinal cord injuries. These occur when the rider is thrown off the jet ski and the back hits the water at high speeds. This is a serious injury that requires immediate medical attention.
  • Broken wrist. This injury is caused by the impact of a collision or by reaching out to catch yourself in a fall.
  • Sprained or fractured ankle. This can occur in the same way as a broken wrist.
  • Burns. A crash can cause the jet ski to ignite, causing burns to any part of the body.

Jet Ski Liability Issues

Defects and design flaws can cause a jet ski to malfunction. If you operated a jet ski as intended and it ignited or went out of control for no reason, you may have a product liability issue.

Manufacturers have a duty to create products that will not harm consumers when used as intended. If you rented the jet ski from a company, that company has a duty to properly maintain the equipment. If either of these duties were breached, you may be able to claim compensation for negligence.

Safety Tips for Jet Skis

This summer, follow these jet ski safety tips:

  • Wear a life jacket. Even the most advanced swimmer can face difficulty swimming a river with a strong current. Prevent drownings by always wearing a life jacket. Make sure it is not too big or too small, or else it won’t do its job.
  • Perform proper maintenance. Poor maintenance can lead to equipment failure. Before taking your jet ski out on the water, make sure you have sufficient oil and gas, check cables, and ensure the battery is working.
  • Slow down. Speed can cause serious accidents. Don’t follow too closely to others. Give yourself enough room around other watercraft in case you have to stop suddenly.
  • Avoid alcohol. Alcohol is one of the main causes of jet ski accidents. Alcohol can delay reaction time and affect judgment, so stay away from the water if you have been drinking.

Dealing with Jet Ski Injuries

A jet ski accident can lead to concussions, burns, and other serious injuries. An injury can lead to expensive medical bills, lost wages, and other damages, which means you need to preserve your legal rights.

The Chicago attorneys at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. can assess your case and determine your rights to compensation.

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