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Who Do I Call to Report Potholes in Chicago?

Written by Jared Staver

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Potholes are irregularly shaped pavement holes that are extremely hazardous for motorists, especially on busy roads with higher speed limits. If you come across a pothole in Chicago, you can report it and prevent a future accident from occurring. To learn the process of how to report potholes, continue reading below.

If you sustain an injury in an accident that was caused by a pothole, reach out to our experienced auto accident attorneys in Chicago at (312) 236-2900 to determine liability and learn about your legal options during our free consultation.

Why Are Potholes Dangerous?

When potholes become exceedingly large and do not get repaired, they can pose a serious hazard on the road. If you run over a pothole at a high speed, the following may occur:

  • Loss of steering control
  • Tire blowout
  • Rollover accident
  • Wheel damage
  • Steering system damage

In many cases, these damages may prevent you from getting your vehicle off the road and could cause a serious accident. Therefore, it’s essential for cities to repair potholes quickly and make every effort to maintain safe roads for their citizens.

How Do I Report Potholes in Chicago?

Chicago allows and encourages residents to report potholes. If you come across a pothole on a Chicago roadway, there are three ways you can report it. You can:

  • Visit the city’s website
  • Text “Chicago” to 311311
  • Use the SeeClickFix and Chicago Works smartphone apps

When reporting a pothole, be sure to be specific about its location. If possible, provide the exact address or block. Once your notification is received, Chicago Department of Transportation or CDOT crews will repair the pothole.

CDOT crews are responsible for repairing potholes on 3,800 miles of streets in Chicago neighborhoods year round. While they typically repair the most potholes between December and April, they also perform repairs in the fall, spring, and summer.

How Potholes Are Repaired in Chicago

CDOT crews use a variety of techniques to repair thousands of potholes in Chicago each year. These techniques include:

  • Mapping and tracking all potholes reported to the City’s 311 system via a computer.
  • The deployment of pothole repair crews seven days a week in the winter, including weekend and overnight crews.
  • The use of cold patch asphalt material during the winter season and hot mix asphalt in the fall, spring, and summer months.

The amount of potholes CDOT crews are able to fill depends on the weather. On a day with no precipitation, they can repair thousands of potholes. However, when there is freezing rain or falling snow, the ability for the crews to make repairs becomes limited.

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While Chicago makes an effort to keep its roads safe and free of potholes, pothole-related accidents could still occur. If you are hurt in an accident caused by a dangerous pothole, you should talk to an attorney at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. We may be able to help you recover compensation for your injuries and damages. Our car accident attorneys serve clients throughout the Chicago area, including Aurora, Elgin, Hinsdale, Joliet, Naperville, and Waukegan.

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