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Legal Assistant Crystal Godinez

Isolated, overwhelmed, confused — unfortunately, some insurance companies want you to feel this way when you fight for compensation. But I promise you’re not alone. I’ll dig up the answer to any question and break down even the most complicated legal issues.

Dealing with a negligent injury is frustrating, but understanding your case shouldn’t be. I don’t stop until you feel in the loop and in control.

More About Crystal:

How many times have you heard “I’ll take a message and we’ll call you back” and then found yourself waiting for days? Or worse, had your calls go unanswered so often you learned the voicemail greeting by heart? This stuff drives me mad, and I won’t let it happen to you.

Not only do I see every case that comes in the door, I know exactly where they all stand. So when your attorney is going to battle with the insurance companies, I can step in and let you know the score as soon as you call. Want to check on the status of a document? I’m on it. Not sure why a process is happening the way it is? I’ll walk you through every twist and turn.

You decide whether you want to hear from me often or only during the major plot points. And if you prefer text to phone calls or video chat to snail mail, I adapt to you. Your accident may have left you feeling out of control, but here, you call the shots.

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