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Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. strives to make the legal system more accessible and Chicago-area injury victims more informed about their rights. With a reputation for holding insurers accountable and a record of success spanning the full gamete of personal injury litigation, we know what works and you don’t pay unless you win.

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Attorney Tyler Kobylski Quoted in Car Insurance Article

Personal Injury Lawyer, Tyler Kobylski, was quoted in’s article entitled, “Why is car insurance so expensive?”

In the article, Tyler shared how marital status affects your insurance costs.

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What Happens If You’re In An Accident While Driving A Personal Vehicle For Work

Attorney Tyler Kobylski was quoted as an expert source in the article entitled, “What Happens If You Have an Accident While Driving a Personal Vehicle for Work?”

In the article, he explained (1) when and if one’s employer might be responsible, (2) who would be held liable for injuries sustained during the accident, and (3) how the law applies to rideshare services.

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Lawyer Jared Staver Shares How Solo Attorneys Can Get Clients

Personal Injury Attorney, Jared Staver, authored an article on Solo Practice University® entitled, “Top 5 Proven Ways To Get Clients for Solo Attorneys.”

He shares why solo attorneys should apply different marketing and networking tactics than corporate law firms in the post. Then he describes the scalable ways to generate business.

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Jared Staver Authored Article on Free Advice About Negotiating an Injury Settlement

It’s not general knowledge, but it’s important to note that a fair settlement will consider your injuries, pain and suffering, property damage, and other financial ramifications if you are injured in an accident.

In an article entitled, “How To Negotiate a Bodily Injury Settlement,” Attorney Jared Staver shared the best way for individuals to approach an insurance company’s settlement offer, how to determine if you received a lowball offer. He also highlighted how an attorney could make sure you get fair compensation.

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Tyler Kobylski Quoted In Injury Experts Article About Rear-End Car Accidents

Personal Injury Attorney, Tyler Kobylski, was quoted in an article entitled, “Who Is at Fault in a Rear-End Collision?”

In the article, Tyler pointed out that the rear driver is generally considered liable due to safe driving behavior expectations.

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Patrick Gill Featured in GHSA’s Spring Newsletter

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) featured Attorney Patrick Gill in their Spring 2022 newsletter’s member spotlight section.

During the segment, Patrick discussed why Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C., has consistently supported the organization and shared a few safety issues he’s passionate about this year.

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What To Do If You’re In A Deer Collision

Deer collisions are not top of mind for drivers, but they cause approximately 175 fatalities and 10,000 injuries per year.

In the Money Geek article, ” Deer Auto Collisions By the Numbers, ” personal injury attorney, Jared Staver, shared how individuals could best navigate the insurance process during an accident.

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Founding Attorney Shares What It Takes To Start A Law Firm

Personal Injury Attorney, Jared Staver, authored an article on Solo Practice University® that helps recent graduates decide if they’d like to build a legal practice.

After outlining six considerations, he reminded new attorneys that their preferred career path is their choice.

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Patrick Gill Featured in Authority Magazine Article About Successful Lawyers

Authority Magazine featured Attorney Patrick Gill in an article titled, “Top Lawyers: Patrick Gill of Staver Accident Injury Lawyers On The 5 Things You Need To Become A Top Lawyer In Your Specific Field of Law.”

In his interview, Patrick shared his thoughts on various topics, from what characteristics make you a successful lawyer to how technology has impacted the legal industry since the pandemic began in 2020.

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5 Things You Need To Become A Top Lawyer In Your Specific Field of Law

Tyler Kobylski, attorney at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers in Illinois, was featured in an Authority Magazine article titled, “Top Lawyers: Tyler Kobylski of Staver Accident Injury Lawyers On The 5 Things You Need To Become A Top Lawyer In Your Specific Field of Law.”

The interview documents Tyler’s journey to becoming a lawyer and his insights to aspiring law students about what it will take to be successful.

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