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Distracted Driving

Over 900 people die on the roads of Illinois every year. If one of your relatives was among these victims, you may be able to file a wrongful death suit to recover for your emotional and financial losses. The fatal car accident attorneys of the Staver Law Group are available to take your call today for a free consultation regarding your case.

Most road accidents happen at intersections of city streets or rural roads when a driver fails to avoid a turning or stopped vehicle. In some cases, these collisions occur because of poor road or visibility conditions, but usually the primary reason is that a driver was distracted.

There are many reasons why drivers get distracted behind the wheel. In the past, many accidents occurred because drivers were busy lighting a cigarette, changing the radio station, or talking to passengers instead of watching the road. Today, most drivers have either GPS devices or smart phones, so the risk of distracted driving is greater than ever before.

Wrongful Death Cases Involving Distracted Driving

The law requires that every person exercise ordinary care while operating a vehicle. This means that every one has a legal duty to drive the way a reasonable person would under similar circumstances. When a driver’s breach of this duty causes injuries to others, the victims can sue that driver for negligence.

Since no reasonable driver would ever allow him or herself to be distracted while driving, any evidence that a driver was distracted can provide the basis for a negligence case. If you hire one of the Staver Law Group’s fatal accident attorneys to work on your wrongful death case, the first thing he’ll do is request to see the at-fault driver’s phone records to determine whether he or she was texting or calling at the time of the accident.

In the absence of hard evidence of distracted driving, such as a text message being sent in the seconds before a crash, your attorney can use circumstantial evidence. This means collecting enough facts from which it can be inferred that the driver was distracted. For example, if the accident occurred in good visibility, on a dry road, and your relative was obeying traffic signals and driving at a reasonable speed, it is more likely than not that the driver that crashed into your relative was distracted.

How a Fatal Car Accident Lawyer Will Help You

The Staver Law Group is a different kind of law firm. Not only do we aggressively pursue every avenue for recovery on behalf of our clients, we treat them with compassion and respect. We understand how traumatic it can be to lose a loved in a car accident, so we make every effort to make the process of getting compensation as stress-free as possible.

Once you hire us, you won’t have to pay any fees until we win or settle your case. If you have questions about your case, you can call us any time of day or night for an update on your case at . We guarantee that we will connect you with the fatal car accident attorney who is working on your case—not a paralegal or administrative assistant.