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Distracted Truckers

An accident is a difficult situation no matter who is involved, but the presence of a large truck intensifies the moment and often leads to more serious damages – to you and your property. A collision involving a truck can cause damage to your vehicle, physical and emotional injuries, disabilities, high medical costs, lost paychecks and much more. If you’re like many Americans, you aren’t financially equipped to handle all of the consequences of an accident on your own.

If you believe a trucking accident isn’t your fault, it shouldn’t be on you and your family to handle the financial ramifications alone. Truckers and their employers are financially responsible for accidents they cause just like any other driver on the road. You deserve to have your injuries recognized and redressed, whether it’s the cost of replacing your car or lost income due to injury or disability. A Chicago trucking accidents lawyer can help you determine who is responsible, file a lawsuit and ultimately, enable you to get back to living a happy and healthy life.

Was Trucker Distraction to Blame?

Truck driver distraction is a growing issue and causes a significant portion of trucking accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports hundreds of thousands of large truck accidents that cause death or injury every year. Driver distraction and inattention has been reported as the second most common factor for truck accidents after speeding. This means thousands of individuals across the U.S. are hurt by distracted truckers annually.

The Causes & Results of Distraction

While cell phones are an obvious and major issue, they aren’t the only problem. Many trucking companies have found hands-free devices are as distracting as holding a phone. As technology advances, more professional drivers have laptops and TVs in their cabs. Though these devices provide entertainment on long hauls, they also pull driver’s attention away from the road. Eating and drinking are distractions as truckers take their hands off their wheels. It’s even possible outside events or passengers led to the diversion that caused your accident.

No matter the initial cause of distraction, if truckers aren’t looking at the road as closely as they should or don’t have both hands on the wheel, their reaction time may be severely diminished. Not only may they not have noticed a change on the roadway or another vehicle’s movement, they might not have been able to brake or adjust their course in time to avoid a collision.

Proving Driver Distraction

To win your lawsuit, it’s crucial to prove the underlying cause of the accident was the truck driver’s fault. In many situations, gathering evidence of driver distraction is far from simple. Navigating the situation on your own could add to your current difficulties. However, a trucking accident lawyer knows where to look for proof and how to present the facts to your greatest advantage in court. You’re under enough stress as it is, let a Chicago trucking accidents lawyer do the work and fight for you.

Your truck injury lawyer may be able to use witness statements, in-cab footage, nearby surveillance cameras and dispatch device or cell phone records to demonstrate the truck driver was distracted while on the job. Many trucking companies are implementing high-tech solutions in their vehicles as well, so there may be audio and visual data that can be used to support your case.

Much of this evidence is difficult to obtain without understanding the ins and outs of the legal system. An experienced attorney knows how to gain information and records through the discovery process and when a subpoena or deposition is necessary.

Let a Chicago Trucking Accidents Lawyer Help You Today

If you’re one of the many individuals hurt by distracted driving, a Chicago trucking accident attorney is who you need by your side. To receive your free consultation, call today at (312) 236-2900. A lawyer who helps with truck accidents can help you file a lawsuit against the proper parties – which may be trickier than you think – and finding proof of the driver’s inattention. With a strong claim and the right evidence, you’re more likely to be compensated for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income and more.