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When you’re in a car accident, there are likely dozens of thoughts running through your mind, including:

  • Will I be able to work?
  • Who will provide for my family?
  • How will this affect my health?

These questions are a lot to deal with, as the aftermath of a car accident in Joliet can impact every aspect of your life. As you deal with the implications of a collision, let a lawyer from Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. handle your case.

A attorney from our law firm is prepared to help you with every step of the legal process following a car crash in the Joliet area. We will listen to your side of the situation and help develop a strategy that puts you in a position to fight for the compensation you deserve.

The attorneys at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. prioritize their clients and their needs. If a car wreck has left you injured and in need of help navigating the personal injury legal process in Illinois, contact us today. When you retain the counsel of an attorney at our firm, you will have a legal representative on your side who is there for you 24/7. We know how stressful this experience can be, and we are prepared to guide you through it with compassion.

Our years of experience helping clients in the Joliet area and beyond is proof that we know the laws surrounding car accidents and the injuries they cause. If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, call Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. at (815) 726-4405. We offer free, initial case evaluations. You can also reach out through our online form to learn more about how a skilled lawyer from our firm can help.

Types of Car Accidents

Despite the safety precautions drivers in Joliet take when they get behind the wheel and drive from point A to point B, auto accidents still occur. The lawyers at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. are prepared to help you with any of the following:

Head-On Collisions

Head-on car accidents are amongst the most dangerous accidents residents of Joliet can be involved in. These crashes occur when a car or other vehicle traveling the opposite direction of you strikes your car, often at a great speed.

Caused by distracted drivers, intoxicated motorists, or drowsy individuals behind the wheel, head-on collisions (some of which even involve commercial trucks) cause a number of health issues and insurance-related problems that necessitate the assistance of a skilled auto accident attorney.

Side Impact Crashes

These crashes are often referred to as T-bone accidents. They involve another vehicle slamming into the side of your car can cause head, neck, and back injuries; broken bones; soft tissue problems, and more. As a result, you may be forced to miss out on work and school, thus affecting your life in a great way.

Side impact crashes are often caused by negligent drivers not paying attention to the road ahead of them. If you or a loved one has incurred harm as a result of one of these accidents, call a personal injury lawyer for help today. (815) 726-4405.

Rollover Accidents

Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and other larger vehicles are great for a number of reasons: they can transport more passengers, fit more cargo, and their drivers frequently feel more secure on the road due to the cars’ size and weight. Due to their high center of gravity, however, SUVs and passenger vans often roll over and cause wrecks in the Joliet area.

Head injuries and fatalities are injuries commonly caused by these incidents, so if you find yourself hurt after a rollover, call the lawyers at our firm right away. (815) 726-4405.

Rear-End Accidents

When you peek into your rearview mirror and see a car barreling down the street, it’s natural to feel worried that they’ll crash into the back of your vehicle and cause damage. You could be on your way home from work or picking up your kids from school when out of nowhere, another car slams into you, throwing you and your passengers forward with potentially great force.

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) Crash Facts and Statistics Report, almost 97,000 rear-end collisions occurred on IL roadways in 2016.

Road Departure Wrecks

Road departure accidents frequently dictate the need for a lawyer. This is because they result from other types of incidents, including head-on, side impact, and rear-end collisions that were pushed to the side of the road. With the amount of debris, foliage, and other material that sits on the side of the road at any given time of day, these accidents are particularly dangerous. If a driver strikes an object when they veer off the road, they could cause that object to go flying and hit their car – or the car of another.

As such, common injuries that occur as the result of road departure wrecks include head injuries, broken bones, whiplash, and more.

Intersection Collisions

Since intersections can run two, three, or even four ways, the chance for a vehicle accidents in these locations increase greatly. Due to the lack of turn arrows, distracted drivers, confusing signage, drivers in Joliet are at a great risk for incurring harm when they attempt to make a turn and crash into another vehicle.

An easy solution to preventing these types of accidents is by designating certain lanes as “turn only” Simpler, less costly solutions include always using your turn signal, easing into the intersection slowly, and remaining aware of your surroundings at all times.

Hit & Runs

Under 625 Illinois Compiled Statutes (ILCS) 5/11-401, leaving the scene of an accident is considered a criminal offense. If you or a loved one has been in a collision caused by a negligent party that fled, contact a lawyer at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. immediately at (815) 726-4405. The individual(s) responsible for your accident and potential injuries could face misdemeanor or felony charges, depending on the damage they caused.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the highest number for hit-and-run fatalities across the country – 2,049 – was recorded in 2016. When a driver hits your car, potentially causing injuries that leave you unconscious or worse, you’re not able to call for help yourself. As such, if you do incur harm in a hit-and-run, call an attorney right away to discuss your options. (815) 726-4405.

Left Turn Crashes

Making a legal left turn, even with a proper arrow and signage, can be a challenging task. In Joliet, there are a number of dangerous intersections in which drivers are frequently injured as they attempt to make left-hand turns. People are often in a hurry to make their commute quicker, and thus attempt to make their turns in a hasty manner. As such, accidents repeatedly occur.

If you’ve been hurt in a left turn crash, it’s best to contact a lawyer to learn about your legal choices moving forward. (815) 726-4405.

Diagonal Parking Accidents

Because of their size and the amount of spots that can be fit diagonally in a parking lot, diagonal parking spots are commonly used in the Joliet area. When you need to pull into or out of such a parking spot, it can be challenging to estimate how close the front or back of your car is to the vehicles surrounding it. These collisions are often caused by negligent drivers who do not pay attention to their speed in a parking lot, or if other cars are trying to back out of diagonal spots.

Drunk Driving Wrecks

In Illinois, it is illegal to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .08 percent or higher. When someone is under the influence of alcohol and gets behind the wheel of a car, their ability to react to certain hazards and other occurrences on the road is impaired. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2.2 percent of drivers in Illinois have reported that they drove after having too much to drink. Though this number fluctuates, it’s an alarming statistic for anyone on Joliet roadways. If you’ve incurred harm caused by a drunk driver, call the lawyers from Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. for help right away. (815) 726-4405.

Incidents Caused by Distracted Driving

When you hear the term “distracted driving” you likely think of using your phone to check one of your social media accounts, make a call, or even respond to a text. The use of a phone while driving is such an issue that the Illinois State Police have declared that it increases your chance of getting into an accident by 400 percent. It is important to note that distracted driving is much more than just these actions. Checking your hair or teeth in your mirrors, fiddling with the radio to find a good music station, and engaging in lengthy conversations with your passengers can all cause your attention to be diverted from the road.

Work Zone Accidents

Work zones are common around Joliet. Downtown spaces and office buildings are constantly being built, so orange barrels and cones lining the city’s street are a common sight in the warmer months. Often caused by speeding drivers, loose construction material, and poor signage, these incidents accounted for 6,741 crashes in 2016 alone, per IDOT data. Of those accidents, 37 were fatal, and 1,271 caused injuries.

The lawyers at our firm know that these crashes are not always the fault of a driver, but rather external factors outside of an individual’s control. Obtaining compensation in these accidents can be challenging due to the many involved parties, so contact us today if you’ve been hurt in a work zone crash. (815) 726-4405.

Accidents After Attempted Pass

At Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C., our car accident injury attorneys repeatedly see cases that involve collisions caused by attempted passes. If you were driving down a road that had a view partially obstructed by a hill and/or trees, a vehicle attempting to pass you would be making a very risky decision. Attempted pass accidents and the potential for compensation hinge on negligence, so if you have questions about who may be at-fault in your situation, contact an accident lawyer at our firm today. (815) 726-4405.

Causes of Car Accidents in Joliet

Crashes in Joliet occur for a number of reasons. The lawyers of Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. have helped clients who have experienced crashes caused by the following:

  • Angles – The angles at which cars move through intersections and travel on roadways affect how serious a crash can be. Side impact collisions (also known as t-bones) vary in severity due to a number of factors that affect a car’s angle at the time of impact. For example, if a driver is traveling down an incline, their speed while making a right turn is likely increased. If that is true, crash severity increases greatly.
  • Parked Vehicles – Parked cars, though they are often clearly visible, are still hit frequently in Joliet. Drivers may be distracted, driving too slow or too fast, or the vehicles were simply not seen/the distance between the driver and another car was misjudged. As such, parked vehicles accidents occur regularly in the city. To avoid these crashes, you should remain vigilant while behind the wheel, drive at an appropriate speed, and leave yourself extra room in tight parking spots and other locations.
  • Fixed Objects – According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute (IIHS HLDI), 20 percent of car accident deaths are caused by drivers veering off the road and colliding with a fixed object on the side of the street. Trees, utility poles, traffic dividers/barriers, and road signs are all possible objects that motorists can hit if their car leaves its lane. To prevent these accidents, fixed objects should be placed far from the road, and if possible, not placed there at all.
  • Rainy Weather – In 2016, rain was a factor in 381 Joliet car crashes. Rain makes roads slick, therefore reducing tires’ traction. As a result, cars slide and cause crashes that cause minor to severe injuries. In addition to reduced traction, rain impacts a driver’s visibility. Even with good windshield wipers, the rate at which rain falls impairs your ability to fully see out of your windshield and onto the road in front of you. To reduce the number of car accidents caused by rain, Joliet motorists should practice safe driving habits. It’s important to not travel too fast or too slow on a slick street. Doing so could increase your chance of getting into a crash.
  • Same-Direction Sideswipes – When another car sideswipes yours, your vehicle will likely start traveling at a great speed and a different direction than where you were traveling. When drivers are eager to arrive to their destination, they may try and pass you or speed up to ensure they make a light. When they do so, they careen into the car next to them, causing a same-direction sideswipe. Causing 303 accidents in Joliet last year, these situations are dangerous and can cause a lot of harm.

Joliet car accidents are caused by several different factors. If you or a loved one were harmed in a crash in the area, contact a lawyer at our firm for help today. (815) 726-4405.

Causes of Joliet, IL Accidents

Number of Crashes (in 2016) – 3,733 TOTAL



Parked Vehicles


Fixed Objects


Rainy Weather


Same-Direction Sideswipes


Joliet Car Accident Injuries

Getting into a car crash can leave you asking several questions, many of which surround your health. Collisions can cause injuries and conditions that follow you around for life, so it’s only natural to be concerned about your well-being.

Our lawyers in Joliet can assist you with a personal injury claim if you or a loved one have suffered from any of the following:

  • Brain Injuries– Due to the impact of one car hitting another, minor, moderate, and severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) often occur in head-on and rear-end collisions. Symptoms of these injuries include, but are not limited to, slurred speech, fatigue, and nausea.
  • Broken Bones-If you break a foot, arm, or other bone in a car accident, you can be prevented from returning to school or completing certain job duties. Broken bones can be very painful, expensive to treat, and cause further issues down the line. Contact a lawyer at our firm today if you’re suffering from this type of injury.
  • Neck & Back Injuries – Whiplash is one of the most common injuries you can suffer as the result of a car accident. The impact of a rear-end collision can cause your head to snap back and forth repeatedly, thus causing damage to your neck’s muscles and ligaments. Other neck and back injuries our lawyers frequently see include herniated discs, fractured vertebrae, and other sprains and strains.
  • Spinal Injuries – Per data released by the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, vehicle accidents are responsible for 38 percent of spinal cord injuries since 2010. Lifelong consequences of these injuries include nerve damage, chronic pain, limited mobility, reduced bowel control, and more.
  • Burn Injuries – Serious car accidents often include vehicles that are on fire. Being trapped in a car that’s gone up in flames can cause damage to your skin and psyche that lasts for years following your collision, so it’s important to reach out to an attorney if a crash has left you with any burns.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries – Harm to your soft tissue (which includes muscles, tendons, and ligaments) is not always evident following a car accident. It’s possible such injuries did not show up on an x-ray or during a visit with your doctor. Because of their ability to not be detected early on, you should speak with your doctor and lawyer if you fear you’re suffering from damage to your soft tissue.
  • Knee Injuries – Sprains and strains, torn anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL), injuries to your medial collateral ligaments (MCL), and damage to your Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) are all potential results of a car accident in Joliet, particularly head-on collisions.
  • Chest Pain – While chest pain is often associated with heart conditions and other medical issues, developing an injury to your chest following a car accident is not unheard of. Chest pain and damage to your internal organs can arise from extreme force/contact with your seat belt, air bag, and other car parts.
  • Abdominal Injuries – During a car accident, the abdominal area is vulnerable to a wide range of injuries, including damage to your abdominal wall, blood vessel injuries, and more. These injuries are not always evident in the immediate aftermath of an accident, so if you’re experiencing clammy skin, distention of your abdomen, and other related symptoms, visit your physician and reach out to one of our lawyers for help.
  • Facial Injuries – The impact of a car crash can cause a number of issues with your face, including broken bones, dental problems, burns, eye injuries, lacerations, and permanent damage to your physical appearance. These injuries often require immediate attention and intense medical care, so contact a personal injury attorney today to learn more about your legal options following a facial injury. (815) 726-4405.
  • Mental & Emotional Trauma – Physical injuries are not the only results of a car accident that will stay with you for an extended period of time. Following a collision, you may experience depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other psychological issues. While you concentrate on your mental and physical health, let an injury lawyer from our firm help hold the responsible party accountable for their actions.

After you or a loved one has been in a crash and experienced any number of injuries, your focus should be on your health and recovery, not the complexities of a legal case. While you concentrate on yourself and your family, let a lawyer from Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. handle your personal injury claim.

Car Accident Statistics in Joliet

Every year, IDOT releases crash statistics for cities across the state. These figures outline the causes of car accidents, under which weather conditions collisions occur, and other relevant data so that residents of Joliet and the surrounding areas can be aware of the potential for crashes, and how to prevent them.

In 2016, the city of Joliet saw a number of accidents occur on its roadways, many of which were caused by various weather conditions, including:

  • Clear Weather – 3,100
  • Overcast – 69
  • Foggy Conditions – Three
  • Rainy Weather – 381
  • Severe Wind – Two
  • Sleet & Hail – Six
  • Snow – 134
  • Other/Unknown –38

A number of “driver conditions” are considered by IDOT as influences in Joliet car accidents:

  • Under the Influence of Alcohol – 98
  • Impaired by Drugs – 16
  • Drowsy/Fatigued – 48
  • Had Been Consuming Alcohol – 15
  • Emotional – 14
  • Had Been Taking Medication – Two
  • Illness/Medical Conditions – 13
  • Normal – 5,882

A variety of vehicles were also involved in these crashes:

  • Passenger Buses – 31
  • Passenger Vehicle – 3,899
  • Pickup Truck – 688
  • Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) – 1,525
  • Mini-Vans – 410
  • Motorcycles (over 150cc) – 44
  • Tractors (with and without Semi-Trailers) – 224
  • Unknown Vehicles – 391

From this data, you can see that collisions in Joliet occur under a wide variety of circumstances. That is why it’s important to always remain aware of your surroundings and how other drivers are operating their vehicle when you’re traveling on the city’s roadways. If you’ve been hurt in a crash caused by inclement weather, a negligent driver, or an unwieldy and large vehicle, call lawyer for help today. (815) 726-4405.

Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Joliet

While car accidents can happen anywhere, there are several roads and intersections in Joliet that pose significant threats to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. When individuals drive recklessly or dangerously through an intersection or down a side street, they are putting everyone at risk. To remain safe while you’re on the road, it’s best to be informed about the dangerous driving areas in Joliet, which include:

  • Interstate 80 (I-80). Interstates and other highways are great ways to get from one point to the next in a quick, efficient way. I-80 is no exception. Per the Chicago Tribune, the stretch of interstate that extends through Joliet tends to clog up with traffic during rush hour, increasing drivers’ irritation, and the possibility for accidents to occur. As such, many are petitioning for a 16-mile stretch of the highway to be expanded.
  • Black Road & Essington Road. The intersection at Black and Essington road is wide, with only two or three lanes heading in each direction. These lanes – divided only by a small, concrete divide that does not extend the entire length of either street – are often congested with drivers commuting to and from the various businesses in the area. Due to the high level of traffic and lack of designated turn lanes at certain spots of the intersection, the potential for accidents is great.
  • Larkin Avenue & Jefferson Street. This intersection, much like the one at Black and Essington, is large in nature. It’s easy for drivers to get distracted or become confused when they attempt to travel through the intersection. Because of its multiple lanes heading in every direction and signage that is often blocked by large vehicles, cars and pedestrians crossing the streets to get to various businesses, and other conditions, accidents occur frequently.
  • Ruby Street. Home to a variety of businesses and residences, Ruby Street sees a lot of commuter and pedestrian traffic. While the speed limit on the majority of the street varies due to construction and other factors, it’s not uncommon for drivers to speed a little faster than they should while commuting to their destination. With such heavy traffic and the occasional speeding driver, crashes are bound to happen – and often do.

The lawyers at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. have seen collisions and injuries occur at more than just these roads and intersections. If you or a loved one have been hurt due to a negligent driver in Joliet, call us today for help. (815) 726-4405.

Joliet Car Accident Resources

After a car crash, there are a number of resources in the Joliet area that will be helpful to you and your family, including:

Why You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident

After you’ve been in a car accident, you might wonder if you can get through the following legal process on your own. After all, attorneys cost money. When you’ve got an insurance company on your side, won’t they provide you with what you need? The unfortunate reality of the situation is that your insurer (and that of the negligent party) only wants to protect their bottom line. As such, they will likely only offer you a small, lowball offer that doesn’t even begin to cover your damages.

To better understand the importance of legal representation in your Joliet car crash case, here are some statistics regarding accident victims who did or did not have an attorney throughout their case:

  • On average, those who retained the counsel of a lawyer received settlements of around $77,600.
  • Those who did not seek out the help of an injury attorney received settlements of around $17,600.

The lawyers at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. are here to help you. We know how insurance companies operate, and we’re prepared to put our experience to work to fight for the compensation you deserve under the law – even if that means taking those liable for your injuries to court. An attorney at our firm can speak to insurance companies on your behalf, gather evidence to support your case against the negligent party, help calculate your potential damages, and more, so reach out for assistance today.

Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

Submitting a claim to an insurance company following a car accident seems like a menial task, and you’re probably dreading it for a number of reasons. What if your insurer denies your claim? What if the responsible party’s insurance company devalues your claim, leaving you with too little to recover and pay your medical bills?

When you retain the counsel of an attorney at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C., you can rest easy knowing we have years of experiencing dealing with difficult insurers. To make the process easier on you, here are a few insurance-related questions to ask yourself as your case gets started:

  • Did I notify my insurer as quickly after my accident as possible?
  • Did I get the insurance and contact information of all involved parties?
  • Did I take down the information of anyone who may have witnessed the crash?
  • Did I take photos and videos of my damaged vehicle, injuries, and accident scene?
  • Did I obtain a copy of the accident report?
  • Did I seek medical help following the crash?
  • Did I retain notes from conversations with insurers, health care providers, and anyone else I sought help from following the collision?

Since insurance companies are businesses and their main goal remains making a profit, it’s important that you avoid falling into the trap of admitting fault, immediately accepting their first offer, or trying to negotiate directly with the other people who were in or caused the accident. If you do any of this, an insurer may take your actions as a sign of fault and devalue your claim even further.

If you are worried about dealing with an insurance company after a car accident, contact us today for help. (815) 726-4405.

Car Accident Claims Process

At Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C., we have walked many clients through the car accident claims process. What is often a complicated situation is made easier by the skilled assistance of our attorneys. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a Joliet car collision, call our lawyers for help with the following:

Understanding the information that needs to be exchanged.

Following your accident, it’s important that you exchange contact and insurance information with all parties involved in the crash. This includes names, addresses, license plate numbers, and descriptions of the vehicles and any damage. You should also get the names and contact information of any witnesses who may have seen the crash occur.

Ensuring that you have copies of the accident report – and that it’s properly filed.

If your car accident caused death, bodily injuries, or damage in the amount of $1,500 or more, you must stop, provide aid to those that need it, and file a report. This report is an account of what happened, and it must be filed as quickly as possible following your crash. If you fail to file an accident report, you face significant penalties that could include fines and time in jail.

Gathering evidence.

While the minutes, hours, and days following an accident are daunting, it’s important to gather evidence that will help your case. Taking photos, videos, and notes of the scene and other relevant details will help your claim.

Making sure you receive proper medical care. Even if you walk away from a crash unscathed, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible. Many injuries are not visible or evident right away, and they can develop after your accident. As such, you should visit a physician and receive an exam as soon as possible. When you receive medical care, we will with your doctors to ensure proper documentation that will aid your case is documented, and that proper payment schedules are created.

Informing your insurance company about the accident.

As soon as you can after your crash, you should call your insurer and inform them about your situation. They will likely conduct their own investigation of the accident, often sending an agent directly to the scene to observe damages and start calculating your claim. From here, they will make an offer on how much your claim is worth. It’s important to not agree to their first offer, as it will likely be lower than what is needed to compensate you for your damages. Contact a lawyer at our firm before accepting any offers from your insurer. Negotiating with the relevant parties.

If you file a claim with your insurer or the company that insures the individual responsible for your accident, you’re likely to turn down the initial offer, as it will be low. When this is the case, an attorney at our firm will negotiate with the relevant parties and use the evidence gained through an investigation of your accident to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Preparing for trial – if necessary. If a fair settlement with the insurance companies cannot be reached, we will prepare your Joliet car accident case for trial. While not many personal injury cases make it to this stage, in fact – only a very small percentage of personal injury trials take place – at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C., we are prepared to fight for you. Our lawyers will use our investigation of your accident, witness statements, medical records, and more to ensure that you are compensated fairly under the law.

Compensation in Car Accidents

If you’ve been injured in a car crash in Joliet, you’re likely wondering how to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. You can do so through a personal injury claim in which you and your attorney fight for compensation for your damages, which may include:

  • Medical expenses, including future appointments, procedures, etc.
  • Lost wages due to missed work.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Disability or disfigurement.
  • Loss of a normal life.

It is important to take note of Illinois’ negligence laws when it comes to car accident cases. Under 735 ILCS 5/2-1116, if your car accident caused death, injury, or property damage, and you’re found to be more than 50 percent at-fault, you are barred from receiving compensation. If, however, you are found to be less than 50 percent at-fault, your compensation is reduced by your percentage of responsibility for the accident. For example, if the court finds you to be 25 percent at-fault for the collision, you would only receive 75 percent of your damages. This concept is referred to as comparative negligence.

When considering compensation for your Joliet car accident, you need to remember there is a time limit on filing a claim. The statute of limitations for personal injury claims (including car accidents) in Illinois is two years. If you miss this deadline, you risk not obtaining any compensation at all.

The personal injury compensation laws in Illinois can be complicated, so if you have questions about potential damages and holding an accountable party responsible, call a lawyer at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. for help today. (815) 726-4405.

Car Accident FAQs

The attorneys at our firm often receive the following questions from those who have been in a car accident:

What should I do immediately after a car accident?

Not everyone knows what to do after a car accident. First, you should evaluate if you or anyone else involved in the accident has incurred any injuries. If so, call emergency personnel and wait for them to arrive at the accident scene. Additionally, you’ll need to file a police report; exchange the relevant information; notify your insurance company of the accident; and take notes, video, and photo evidence of what happened. Should I sue?

After a crash, you likely want to hold the negligent party responsible. If you’re considering a personal injury lawsuit, contact a lawyer to learn more about how to begin the process. (815) 726-4405.

Will this accident go on my driving record?

Unless you were also convicted of a moving violation (such as failure to control or speeding), a car accident in Joliet will not go on your driving record.

Where do I file a car accident claim?

If you or a loved one has incurred harm in a car accident, you can file a first-party claim with your own insurer, or you can file a third-party claim with the insurer of the driver responsible for the crash. If you’re unsure of which type of claim to file, contact our firm today. (815) 726-4405

Will I be charged with a crime?

If you violated the law in the course of your accident, you may be charged with a crime. Such violations include running a red light, and driving under the influence of alcohol. It is also considered a crime under Illinois law to leave the scene of an accident, drive without proper insurance, or with a suspended (or no) license.

Other Practice Areas

The lawyers at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. help clients with more than just car accidents. Our attorneys are highly experienced in the following practice areas:

How Our Law Firm Can Help You

Following a car accident in Joliet, our lawyers understand that you’re dealing with a lot. You’re concerned about recovering from your injuries, providing for your family, and getting back to school or work. When you hire an attorney, you want them to have the experience that is necessary to fight for the compensation you are owed. At Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C., we have a long history of obtaining fair settlements for our clients, including:

  • $950,000 for a driver who was injured in a head-on collision.
  • $896,695 for a passenger injured in an accident in North Barrington.
  • $887,500 for a client who was rear-ended.
  • $425,000 for a client whose fault was in-question after an accident.
  • $391,424 for a client who was rear-ended at a stop light.

In addition to multiple large settlements, our experience serving clients in the Joliet area is backed up by several awards. Attorneys Jared Staver, Patrick Gill, Tyler Kobylski, and Paul Ciesielski have been awarded the following:

  • Membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Membership in the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys
  • Top 100 Trial Lawyers of America
  • Membership in the American Association of Personal Injury Attorneys
  • An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • The 2015 Martindale-Hubbell Client Distinction Award
  • Membership in the American Association of Legal Advocates
  • Lawyers of Distinction
  • Personal Injury Law – Plaintiff since 2017
  • Membership in the National Association of Distinguished Counsel
  • An Avvo rating of 10 for Jared Staver

The attorneys at our firm know that your life changes after a crash. We are here to provide you with the experienced help you need to get the compensation you deserve. We are available via text, email, and phone – you never have to worry about getting a hold of one of us to ask a question or get an update on your case.

If you are searching for an attorney in Joliet, IL, contact the team at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. today at (815) 726-4405. We offer free, no-risk consultations. If you hire one of our experienced attorneys, there is no fee to you until we win your case.

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No one wants to get into a traffic accident. The reality is, however, that some drivers are negligent and put other commuters at-risk for serious injuries and harm. When you’re in a car accident in Joliet, IL, there are a number of issues you must deal with. While you concentrate on your family and recovery, let us take care of your legal case.

The insurance companies and legal representation of the party responsible for your accident should not cause you any more stress after your crash. Obtaining the medical care you need shouldn’t be a concern because of cost. Getting your car repaired shouldn’t be an issue, either. By hiring one of our experienced personal injury lawyers, you are retaining the counsel of an attorney who will use every tool in their arsenal to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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