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Most Dangerous Roads for Cyclists in Chicago

Written by Jared Staver

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Cyclists can be seen on a daily basis on Chicago roadways. Unfortunately, many of them become involved in accidents and sustain serious injuries. If you like to ride your bike, we encourage you to avoid or be extra cautious while riding on the roads we’ve listed below. These are considered the most dangerous roads for cyclists in Chicago.

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Which Chicago Roads Are Particularly Risky for Cyclists?

According to a survey by Rubens Kress & Mulholand, the most dangerous stretch of road in Chicago for bicyclists is Milwaukee Avenue between North Avenue and Division Street. Clark Street between Racine and Fullerton Avenues as well as Milwaukee Avenue between Fullerton and Armitage are also incredibly dangerous for bike riders in the Windy City. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered that more than 1,000 cyclists lost their lives in 2015 while almost half a million suffered from injuries.

Mark Casey is a Bucktown resident who knows firsthand just how dangerous Milwaukee Avenue between North Avenue and Division Street is for Chicago cyclists. In October 2015, he shattered his collarbone after being struck by another bicyclist while he was on cruising down Milwaukee Avenue.

Casey stressed the importance of being alert while biking in Chicago. He explained that it’s a loud city and there are always going to people who are walking, riding bikes, or driving cars and not paying complete attention to the road. Fortunately, bicyclists, drivers, and walkers can do their part to reduce bicycle accidents in the city.

How to Prevent Chicago Biking Accidents

If you’re a frequent bicycle rider in Chicago, know that there are certain strategies that can help you prevent biking accidents and keep yourself safe and free of serious injuries. Some of these strategies include:

Wear Bright Clothing

Ideally, you should avoid riding your bike in the dark. However, if you must ride at night, be sure to wear fluorescent clothing and ensure you have reflectors on the front and back of your bike.

Inspect Your Bike

A malfunctioning bike can put you at risk for an accident. Therefore, get into the habit of inspecting your bike on a regular basis. Make sure your tires are properly inflated, the chain is running smoothly, and your brakes are tight enough. If you’re unsure of whether your bicycle is safe, it’s a good idea to take it to an experienced mechanic.

Be Extra Cautious at Intersections

The majority of bicycle accidents occur at intersections, making it important for you to be extra careful while riding near or on them. Always look at the traffic around you and follow all traffic signals. Before you make a turn, look for a break in traffic and signal.

Avoid Wearing a Headset

You need to be well aware of everything that is going on while you are biking. For this reason, wearing a headset or headphones should be avoided at all costs. It’s essential for you to be able to hear as you are biking down Chicago roadways.

Look for Road Hazards

Unfortunately, hazards are frequently seen on roads in Chicago. Some examples of these hazards include glass, rocks, and potholes. Since they can cause you to lose control of your bicycle, it’s wise to always be on the lookout for them.

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