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Most Dangerous Intersections in Naperville

Written by Jared Staver

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Situated 28 miles west of Chicago, Naperville ranks as a top community in the United States year after year. It is home to high-quality schools, the best public library system in the country, various medical options, and a low crime rate.

While Naperville is a great place to live, raise a family, and retire, it is no stranger to car accidents. Every day, car accidents happen at various intersections in the Naperville area. If you sustain an injury in a Naperville car accident that was not your fault, contact a Naperville lawyer at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C.

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Where Do Car Accidents in Naperville Happen?

Car accidents are frequently seen at certain intersections in Naperville. These intersections include:

Ogden Avenue at Route 59
A seriously dangerous intersection in Naperville is Ogden Avenue at Route 59. Drivers who have driven on this intersection often note that it is confusing and does not allow enough time to pass before the red light appears. Since this intersection is so complicated, many Naperville drivers become disoriented and cannot process the traffic around them.

North Aurora Road and Route 59
North Aurora Road and Route 59 is another dangerous Naperville intersection. Fortunately, there is a projected $12 million project designed to widen a part of North Aurora Road as its current narrowness can lead to accidents.

Route 59 and Diehl Road
Even though Route 59 and Diehl Road continues to be dangerous, there have been less crashes on this intersection in recent years. The decrease in accidents is likely the result of the conclusion of a $90 million project in November 2015. This project widened the 3-mile stretch of Route 59 and redesigned the tollway into a diverging diamond so that left turns across traffic can be eliminated.

Most Common Causes of Naperville Car Accidents

There are a variety of reasons car accidents in Naperville arise. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Speeding: When vehicles are traveling at high speeds, it takes more time for them to stop or slow down. While it may be tempting for Naperville drivers to exceed speed limits when they are in a hurry, doing so can lead to serious car crashes and injuries.
  • Distracted driving: Although Illinois has laws that make cell phone usage while driving illegal, Naperville drivers continue to distract themselves by using their cell phones, grooming, eating, fumbling with GPS controls, and engaging in other forms of distracted driving.
  • Tailgating: Tailgating is defined as driving too closely to the vehicle in front of you. While it may seem like it’s no big deal, it can easily cause rear-end collisions. To avoid tailgating-related crashes, drivers should keep at least a two-second distance between themselves and the vehicle in front of them. It’s wise to increase this distance during poor road conditions.
  • Impaired driving: Most people believe impaired driving involves driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. While this is true, impaired driving also refers to driving under the influence of over-the-counter or prescription medications.
  • Driver fatigue: Driver fatigue is particularly common in truck drivers or individuals who frequently drive for work. Fatigued driving leads to slower reaction times and falling asleep at the wheel.
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