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Lane Change Crashes

Written by Jared Staver

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Changing lanes without being aware of other vehicles on the road can be deadly. Whether it’s due to sloppy driving or an inadequate shoulder check, moving right or left when a motorcycle or other car is in the way will likely cause an accident.

When people are distracted or tired, they might shift lanes without checking their mirrors or looking over their shoulders. Being on autopilot means you’re more likely to shift lanes when you normally would without considering your blind spots. Illegal lane changes, like failing to use a turn signal, can also cause car crashes.

If you were hurt by a car changing lanes and colliding with your vehicle, call a car crash attorney right away.

Handling Blind Spots

Every vehicle has blind posts – areas of the road you can’t see well or at all. The size of your blind spots can depend on the shape of your vehicle, your windows, the size of your mirrors, and the angle of your mirrors. Most blind spots start at the driver or passenger’s shoulder and move backward, forming a triangle of pavement that can hide motorcycles and cars.

These areas are difficult to manage if someone is an inexperienced driver or during heavy traffic. However, certain actions reduce the likelihood of missing a vehicle in a blind spot, which reduces the chance of a lane change collision.

Many people don’t use their side mirrors like they should. Each side mirror should be adjusted so that you can see the side of the car and the area behind you on that respective side. If someone were standing at the back corner of your car on that side, you’d see them if the mirror is correctly positioned. You should be able to glance over and see, not have to turn your head while driving.

However, before making the lane change, you should also quickly check over your shoulder to ensure the space is clear. A fast glance to your left or right should allow you to see a vehicle in your blind spot that you may have missed in your mirror.

Proving an Illegal or Inappropriate Lane Change

If you were hit by someone changing lanes, you’ll have to prove the person was at fault for the accident and your injuries in order to recover damages from their insurance or directly from them in court. An attorney may be able to use the location and severity of the damage on your car as well as witness statements to prove the other person’s liability.

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When you’ve been injured in a car accident, you have to deal with getting the medical care you need and recovering all while wondering how you’re going to afford to pay your bills since you’re off work. When the accident wasn’t your fault, it shouldn’t be your financial responsibility. The driver at fault should be held responsible for your medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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