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Lake County Traffic Accidents

Written by Jared Staver

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Lake County has a population of more than 700,000 people, and while not everyone there is a driver, hundreds of thousands of residents drive their vehicles throughout the county every day. Considering the number of people who live outside of the county but drive through it or into it for work every day, millions of people may traverse Lake County roads seven days a week.

With more vehicles on the road, the likelihood of an auto accident also increases. It’s not that there’s necessarily an increase in poor drivers, but a few people are always going to speed, weave in and out of traffic, and violate Illinois traffic laws. Speeding on a clear, open highway may only put a lone driver at risk, but speeding on a busy freeway at 8 a.m. on a Monday morning means that driver is going to encounter a massive number of vehicles moving at a slower rate.

If you are in Lake County and are involved in a crash, it is imperative to contact an experienced Lake County attorney to discuss the facts of the case.

Highway Traffic

Lake County has its fair share of commuters and highway traffic. Thousands of people in Lake County commute in and out of Chicago Monday through Friday for work and numerous major highways crisscross the region. I-94, I-41, U.S. Route 22, Route 45, and Illinois Route 60 all go through Lake County and allow countless travelers get from one place to another.

During holiday and beautiful summer weekends, these freeways often see families and friends heading to Illinois camp grounds and Wisconsin lakes or the Dells for some time in the sun. The traffic on these weekends can be exhausting and prone to accidents because people are in a hurry to get where they want to go.

Winter holidays may see even more accidents in Lake County as the wind and snow can make it difficult to see and stay in your lane.

Six Flags Great America

Lake County is home to a major amusement park, Six Flags Great America, located in Gurnee. About 3 million people attend the amusement and water park every year with many of them driving from hours away. That’s millions of more people on Lake County roads, particularly during the summer months or for special events like Fright Fest.

Troublesome Intersections

Accidents in Lake County aren’t always on the major highways. Sometimes they are at common stop lights and not even the busiest stop lights. For instance, the intersection of Grand Avenue and Hunt Club Road sees too many accidents each year considering its traffic rate. Now Lake County officials want to change that.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Lake County Board approved a preliminary engineering study in February to determine what safety improvements could be made to the crossing. Many of the accidents are rear-end collisions, but a significant percentage of the accidents occur during left and right turns. The county suspects that poor left turn options need to be fixed to reduce accidents. The intersection may need to be updated with dedicated turn arrows instead of expecting drivers to turn during a green right.

Contact a Lake County Attorney

If you were hurt in a car accident in Lake County, call an attorney who is experienced with Illinois law and the local Lake County court system. The attorneys at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. have worked in Lake County for years and want to help its residents recover from crashes.

If you suffered property damage and injuries because someone else caused a crash, you should be able to be compensated for the property damage, your past and future medical bills, pain and suffering and potentially more.

Our car accident attorneys serve clients throughout the Chicago area, including Aurora, Elgin, Hinsdale, Joliet, Naperville, and Waukegan. Call Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. today at (312) 236-2900 for a free consultation.

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