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Is Biking In Chicago Dangerous?

Written by Jared Staver

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Biking is not just a fun activity for children; it is great for adults as well. Many individuals ride bikes for environmental and economic reasons. Additionally, there are biking enthusiasts who cycle as a hobby and others who find that riding a bicycle is an ideal exercising activity. But there are some who will shy away from this proposition, only because they believe that biking in Chicago is dangerous.

What Is The Data?

If we were to question various individuals about their perspective on whether it is risky to bike in Chicago, there would be varying answers. There are those who would see no harm and others who because of past experiences or encounters would say it is a dangerous way to traverse the streets of Chicago. However, a more scientific approach would be to check the data.

The statistics relating to bike accidents are in the early stages regarding how dangerous it is to ride a bike in this city. Data from the Department of Transportation reveals the following about bicycle accidents that included a motor vehicle:

  • In 2009, more than 1,400 accidents were recorded that resulted in injuries. In that year there were seven fatalities.
  • In 2010, bike and car crashes accounted for 1,583 accidents in which there were injuries to the victim and five deaths.
  • There were just over 1,300 accidents that resulted in injuries and seven fatalities that were recorded in 2011.

However, motor vehicle collisions are not the only concerns for bikers. Incidents in which a driver or passenger opens a door in the path of a rider – referred to as dooring – is a big concern as well. Chicago did not start to record this type of incident until 2010. In 2011, the city of Chicago recorded 336 dooring accidents.

Additionally, there is fear of bike and bike collisions and accidents involving pedestrians. Unfortunately, this type of data is not available. Accordingly, the data does not provide a full picture for those who are considering biking as a means of transportation.

What Is The Real Danger?

No amount of data or a lack of it will trump the personal or individual experience or perspective. Using the roadways can be scary for all concerned. Motorists, pedestrians, and bikers must all share the streets of Chicago with respect for all and with heightening awareness. Safety should be a collective effort.

Although there is no right or wrong answer about whether it is dangerous to bike in Chicago, bikers can still protect themselves and prevent an accident by adhering to simple safety tips:

  • Wear protective gear and clothing;
  • Remain focus and attentive to your surroundings;
  • Ensure regular maintenance for your bicycle;
  • Use designated bike lanes; and
  • Do not ride while intoxicated or otherwise impaired.

The danger of an accident is everywhere, and there is no going through life without some form of an accident; whether on the road, at home, school, or work. While you may not be able to control the actions of others, you can control the steps you take for your safety.

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