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Illinois Behind on Personal Injury Claim Payments

Written by Jared Staver

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It has recently been reported that the Court of Claims, and by extension the state of Illinois, are over a year behind in making payments to those who are owed state money through lawsuits. The Comptroller’s Office, a branch of the state government that handles finances and payments, stated that there are over 83,000 unpaid vouchers in the system. This means that those awaiting lawsuit payment will have to wait a number of months before being awarded the compensation they were promised.

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Who is Affected?

In the state of Illinois, those who wish to file a lawsuit against the state must go through the Court of Claims. Cases range from personal injury to breaching a government contract. The individuals affected by the aforementioned backlog are those who suffered injury or monetary damage and won against the state government. When a case against the state is won, the plaintiff is supposed to receive the awarded funds as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many have been waiting for over a year to receive their much-needed funds.

There are approximately 8,500 cases filed against the state of Illinois on an annual basis. According to state officials, the Comptroller’s Office does not have the ability to control who receives payments, nor do they have input in regards to when payments are made. In general, the state makes legally required payments before compensating average citizens.

Why is This Happening?

The culprit for this massive voucher backlog is a faulty state budget. According to the Comptroller’s Office, the General Assembly has yet to pass a balanced budget, resulting in an $8 billion deficit. With this much debt, the Court of Claims payments have been placed on the back burner. The revenue normally used to pay for state expenses comes from taxes. With only $100 million being brought in each day, paying back the $8 billion debt and becoming financially stable will take time. Apparently, the Comptroller’s office is currently paying vouchers originally issued in June of 2016.

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