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Who Designed This Site? Who Does Your SEO?

Written by Jared Staver

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Jared Staver is a Personal Injury Lawyer based in Chicago, Illinois and has been practicing law for over 20 years.

Jared Staver


I often receive emails and calls asking me questions like this, so I wanted to take a minute to tell you about the design and execution of what is now ChicagoLawyer.com.

At the end of 2013, after practicing law for 10 years, my former law partner and I decided it was time to go separate ways. We had been using a local web design firm for years, but I was looking for something more. I wanted to take my new law firm and new journey to the highest level possible. I felt that was necessary in order to compete in a market and area of practice as competitive as Chicago personal injury law.

How I Chose My Legal Marketing Firm

To help me decide which legal marketing firm to choose, I reached out to a legal services vendor for a recommendation. It was at that time, in January of 2014, that I was referred to Postali.

I then worked with Postali for several weeks discussing my vision for the law firm, and together, we charted out the course ahead. Once the plans were in place and we sealed the deal in writing, they came to Chicago to meet in person. While I initially didn’t feel that was a necessary step, it helped further form and develop our relationship with what was yet to come. I found that working closely with my marketing team allowed us to effectively collaborate in order to create and design a successful website.

Postali’s Client Process

From this point forward, Postali handled everything. They obtained my new domain and handled all of the website development. We launched our website with over 200 pages of content.

After initially signing with Postali, they agreed to put up a temporary website, which they could use for search engine cost-per-click marketing while my main site was under construction. This got me online from the months of February to June, so I could start my pipeline of cases. Since it takes anywhere from six months to three years for personal injury cases to materialize into revenue, the Postali team knew it was in my best interest to get something up and running right away, even if it was throwaway design expenditure.

From February through August, I was operating the law firm in the red. But, beginning in September, I stopped having to contribute capital to the company each month and began operating with a profit. This was just three months after my ChicagoLawyer.com site launch.

In addition, I committed to three days of production time in order to gather photos and videos over multiple scenarios. This aided and improved all aspects of my online and offline marketing. We shot most of the photos and videos in Columbus, Ohio, and from the time I set foot off my plane, I was in action. For the first scene, I arrived at a staged auto accident with police cruisers, crashed cars, and an ambulance on a public street, which had been closed for my shoot. It felt like I was in Hollywood. This level of production and dedication continued for three days, staging everything from discussions with a doctor at a hospital to a full trial in court.

We Grew From One Attorney to Four in Three Years

As far as results, this is a story still in the making, but I will share with you my experience to date. From starting out as a solo attorney, we grew to a team of four attorneys and four support staff members in only three years.

Results still continue to build and grow every month. As you can imagine, there are some deeply entrenched competitors for personal injury in Chicago, but to go from #180 on a list of 200+ competitors to the top 10 in a short period of time has been nothing less than remarkable.

Later on, their team built a refreshed design meant to further improve the experience of our potential clients. Additionally, Postali has taken a multi-step approach to our marketing including social media management, community building, and email marketing.

In fact, from 2016 to 2017, our organic conversions for the site increased over nine percent, and our organic sessions rose nearly 25 percent.

I would highly recommend Postali to any lawyer – as long as they aren’t practicing personal injury in Chicago, of course. You can visit their website here or contact their web services team at: (888) 620-6088.

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