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Defensive Driving Techniques You Can use in the Winter

Written by Jared Staver

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Although some car accidents cannot be avoided, there are some steps you can take to avoid others. By using defensive driving techniques, you may be able to stop a wreck before it happens. This can be especially important during the winter.

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Scan the Road Ahead of You

Don’t become distracted while you drive and look out for others who may be swerving, either because they’re on their phones or due to snow and ice. Keep your eyes on the road ahead and scan from one side of the road to the other several times per minute. Look for cars, trucks, motorcycles, people, and animals that might be on the roadway or side of the road.

Anticipate the Actions of Drivers Around You

If you do see someone driving erratically or sliding on slippery roads, try to anticipate where their vehicle is going. If they seem to be sliding, slow down and maintain your distance while staying as far away as possible.

Be prepared for sudden stopping by cars in winter weather. You should look at traffic several hundred yards ahead of you and assess whether or not the cars directly in front of you may need to stop short. If so, you should start slowing down early.

Don’t Ride the Left Lane During Winter

The left lane is usually reserved for passing and going faster than other cars. In the winter, you should avoid that lane unless there is a wreck or other obstruction in the right lanes. You should drive in the center lanes when possible so you have longer to react if you hit a patch of ice.

Hold the Wheel at 9 and 3

You should control your vehicle by holding the wheel at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions. This will give you the best control if you slide on snow and ice. If you hold your hands at the top or bottom of the wheel, it can take you longer to react when you’re forced to overlap your hands and make turns.

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