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5 Ways to Get Max Value From a Car Accident Claim in Illinois

Written by Jared Staver

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Jared Staver is a Personal Injury Lawyer based in Chicago, Illinois and has been practicing law for over 20 years.

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Our Attorneys Can Help Maximize Your Car Accident Claim

After suffering serious injuries in a car accident, the last thing on your mind may be bringing your case to court or dealing with the insurance company. However, the sooner you act, the more likely it is that you can recover maximum compensation for your damages.

If you need help maximizing a car accident claim in Chicago or throughout Illinois, contact our car accident lawyers today by calling 312-236-2900. We offer free initial consultations, have decades of experience in Illinois courtrooms, and work on a no win no fee basis.

If you hope to get the most out of your case, you need to be prepared to take action and advocate for your rights. Here are a few tips to maximize the compensation from your claim:

1. Obtain Medical Care Immediately After the Accident

If you hope to get the max for your car accident claim, it is critical that you obtain medical treatment and care immediately following your collision. This is important because you may have suffered invisible injuries that could worsen if left untreated.

However, that is not the only risk. If you do not receive medical attention immediately after the accident, it gives the insurance company and the defense an opportunity to argue that your injuries were not caused by the car accident but in another way.

They may also argue that your injuries already existed and were not related to the car accident. If you obtain a medical evaluation and care, these medical records can be used as evidence to support your right to compensation.

2. File Police and Accident Reports

Not every type of car accident needs to be reported to police under the law. However, calling emergency responders and police to the accident scene can only help support your case. When police arrive, they will file police and crash reports that detail how the accident occurred, any damages, witness information, and statements, who may be at fault, and other important information about your case.

These accident and police reports can then be used to establish liability against the defendant. One of the ways you may be able to recover compensation after a car accident is by proving that another party’s negligence was the cause of your injuries. Your police and accident reports can help do just that.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate with the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are for profit. They will lose money by settling your claim. If you hope to get the most, you need to be prepared to negotiate with the insurance company. However, if you are feeling intimidated or have concerns that they will take advantage of you, you don’t have to fight by yourself.

Insurers have been known to do everything possible to reduce their profit loss. Maximize your insurance settlement by asking your car accident attorney to step in and advocate for your right to total compensation for your damages through your insurance claim.

4. Avoid Social Media

One of the top ways the defense and insurance companies can get away with reducing your settlement is by arguing that your injuries are less severe than you claim. Many defendants have taken to social media to prove such claims.

For this reason, if you hope to avoid having your injuries called into question, do yourself a favor, and do not post anything about your accident or injuries on social media until your claim is resolved. Even posting a photo of yourself out with friends could be used by the insurance company as evidence proving your injuries aren’t as bad as you say.

Make sure your profiles are set to private, so no one except your friends has access to it, and do not accept any friend or follow requests from anyone you do not know. In addition, ask your friends and family to avoid posting about the accident or your recovery.

5. Make Sure to Claim Non-Economic Damages

One of the biggest mistakes injury victims make is failing to include non-economic damages when calculating the value of their claim. Although non-economic damages can be more difficult to prove since they do not have a monetary value in comparison to concrete expenses like your vehicle damage and medical bills, they are often far more impactful and should be considered accordingly.

With that in mind, some common types of non-economic damages you could seek in your Chicago car accident claim Include:

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Obtaining maximum compensation following a car accident can be more challenging than many people expect. However, when you have the right legal advocate on your side, you can rest easier knowing we are taking every measure to bring the liable party to justice.

Find out what your case is worth today when you contact an experienced Chicago car accident lawyer at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. Fill out our online contact form or give our office a call at 312-236-2900 to schedule your no-cost, risk-free consultation.

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