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Weather Conditions

If a member of your family has passed away as a result of injuries sustained after a car accident in bad weather, the attorneys of Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. are here to help. Although financial compensation will never replace the void left in your family, filing a timely wrongful death suit can ensure that your family can confront the future. If successful, lawsuits brought under the wrongful death and survival acts can result in compensation for your loss of companionship, the burden of the medical expenses incurred before death, and the loss of your deceased relative’s contributions to household income.

The first step towards your financial recovery is your free consultation with one of our Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C.’s fatal lawyers. During this meeting, the lawyer will gather details about the accident and the emotional and financial losses your household has experienced as a result of your relative’s death. Based on the information you provide, the lawyer will lay out the different options for recovery available to you. Should you decide to hire one of our Chicago wrongful death attorneys, you won’t have to pay any legal fees until we win or settle your case in a beneficial way.

Wrongful Death in Car Accidents

Illinois is notorious for its hash winter weather. Unpredictable winter storms can bring snow and ice onto the roads, which can reduce both traction and visibility. But even more subtle weather conditions such as rain, frost, fog, and dew can interfere with a driver’s ability to control a vehicle or see obstacles. In bad weather, drivers need to reduce their speed and increase the distance between the cars in front of them to ensure everyone’s safety.

To successfully mount a wrongful death case, your attorney will need evidence of another driver’s negligence. Negligence exists whenever a person fails to exercise a duty of care, and this failure results in injuries to others. In the context of driving, the duty of care is to operate the vehicle in the same way a reasonable person would under similar road and traffic conditions as those existing at the time of the accident.

How Fatal Lawyers Can Give You the Support You Need

In bad weather, for example, drivers must reduce their speed and not follow other cars to closely. Drivers also owe a duty to not drive a vehicle unfit for the weather conditions. For example, knowingly driving a car with bald tires in heavy rain or snow constitutes a breach of duty. This is because it’s foreseeable that an accident could happen as a result.

While your Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. fatal lawyers put together your wrongful death case, you may have questions. Call us today at (312) 236-2900 for a free consultation regarding your personal injury. We understand how stressful and confusing legal procedures may seem to our clients, so we make sure to be there for them at every step of the way. For this reason, we guarantee our clients that they can talk to the lawyer who is working on their case at any time of day or night. We don’t waste our clients’ time by having them talk to a paralegal, administrative assistant, or another lawyer who may not be familiar with the facts of the case.