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Stress and Emotional Anguish

It’s normal to feel a tidal wave of emotions when someone you love dies through someone else’s negligence. There’s the grief, which can be overwhelming all by itself. There’s bewilderment — how do you go on functioning without this person in your life? Then there’s the anger that the life of your spouse or your child or your parent was taken because someone else did something wrong — or failed to do something right.

When someone you love passes away, they leave behind a hole that can never really be filled. The pain of grief eventually will dull, but the hole will always be there. Your life will never be the same. It can take a very long time and a lot of hard work to come to terms with that kind of catastrophic loss in your life.

In addition to the anguish and grief over the loss, you’re likely experiencing the stress of wrapping up your loved one’s affairs. There’s the immediate need to plan a funeral, and later on, there’s the bureaucracy of getting a death certificate, notifying financial institutions, transferring assets, executing a will, combing through insurance policies and trying to unravel the details of survivor benefits.

When you add into the mix trying to get compensation from the party who should be financially responsible, it can all be too much.

How a Lawyer Can Help

An attorney can’t alleviate your grief, but he or she can help with the financial and legal stress of coping with a death. An experienced wrongful death lawyer can guide you through the process of reading and understanding insurance policies and be making insurance claims. An attorney can remove from the burden of collecting documents, evidence, and testimony to support your claim. Your Chicago wrongful death attorneys can handle negotiations with the companies that issued the insurance policies that should compensate you for your loss and make sure that any settlement is in your best interest. If it comes to a lawsuit, an experienced attorney can be your voice through the legal process, from filing the complaint until the case is settled or goes to trial.

Receiving a sum of money doesn’t bring your loved one back, but it can help you plan for your family’s future in the wake of your loss. An Illinois wrongful death attorney can go over all of the circumstances of your loved one’s death and discuss with you the possibility for various types of compensation, and how seeking compensation can benefit your family and alleviate some of your stress. Please call us at if you would like to discuss this further in a free consultation.