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Car Manufacturing Defect

Some car accidents aren’t caused by careless drivers, bad weather, or obstacles in the road. Sometimes, a vehicle’s flawed design or a car manufacturing defect causes an accident. We all like to believe our cars are safe. And auto manufacturers do their best to reinforce this belief—their advertisements constantly assure us that their vehicles meet the highest safety standards. But the reality is quite different.

Hardly a day passes without a news story breaking about a massive vehicle recall. In August 2015, for example, both Volkswagen and Mazda announced a recall of a cumulative 660,000 vehicles over faulty airbags and steering mechanisms. Defective automobiles ravage many lives every year, and the fatal car accident lawyers at the Staver Law Group are here to hold auto manufacturers accountable.

Wrongful Death Due to Car Manufacturing Defect

If you believe that a loved one has died because of a defect in the design or the manufacturing of an automobile, a skilled and experienced attorney can build a wrongful death case premised on products liability. When evidence shows that a defect in the design or manufacture of an automobile caused the accident, the auto or manufacturer could be liable for the injuries or death.

A lesser-known type of products liability case concerns the crashworthiness of a vehicle. If an accident occurs for any reason, but the car’s safety systems fail to protect the driver and passengers, the victims may be able to hold the manufacturer liable. For example, airbags may deploy unnecessarily in a slow-speed accident, injuring the vehicle’s occupants. Conversely, the airbags may fail to deploy at high speeds, thus worsening the accident’s consequences.

If you hire a fatal car accident attorney from the Staver Law Group, he will investigate every detail of the collision to determine whether a vehicle’s defect caused the accident or contributed to the fatal injuries. There’s no need to prove that the vehicle was negligently designed or manufactured—car companies are strictly liable for injuries that are proximately caused by defective features of the cars they make available to unsuspecting consumers.

To win your case, your attorney will need to prove that:

  • The injuries resulted from a condition of the product manufactured by the car company
  • The condition was an unreasonably dangerous one
  • The condition existed at the time the product left the manufacturer’s control

Proof and Liability in Wrongful Death Case

To prove causation, your attorney will need to show that there was no other reasonable cause for the injuries. In addition, he’ll need to demonstrate that your relative did not use the vehicle in a way for which it was not designed. For example, if a sports car’s suspension fails catastrophically because it was being driven on a dirt road at great speed, it will be hard to prove the car was being used in the way intended by the manufacturer.

Finally, your attorney will need to show that your relative did not know of the dangerous condition at the time of the accident. For example, if your relative received an urgent recall warning regarding the vehicle, but decided to drive anyways, a court might consider that your relative assumed the risk of the dangerous condition. In that case, it will be difficult to argue that the car manufacturer should be liable for your relative’s death.

In general, manufacturing defect and crashworthiness litigation is extremely complex and lengthily. Auto manufacturers have an interest in successfully defending these cases because they want to prove that their cars are safe. To win one of these cases, the plaintiff would need to work with an expert attorney who can build an argument that is both scientifically and legally valid. We at the Staver Law Group are here to do just that. If you believe a relative has died because of a faulty vehicle, you can call us today for a free consultation at .