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Wrongful Death Resources

There are many complicated things to think about when you’re considering a wrongful death claim following the loss of a loved one. You likely have questions about how the process works, how Illinois law applies to your situation, and how a wrongful death claim may help your family.

At Staver Law Group, we try to demystify the legal process as much as we can. We’ve put together some resources that may help you as you start this process. A website won’t answer all of your questions, so we recommend that you also call for a free consultation with one of our attorneys to discuss your possible claim and what we can do to help your family through this difficult and emotional time.

As a starting point, we offer information on the following topics as wrongful death resources:

  • Establishing Cause — An explanation of the legal principal of causation and what kinds of evidence you’ll need for a successful wrongful death claim.
  • Determining Liability — An explanation of how fault is determined in wrongful death cases and the process of proving fault.
  • Patient Privilege in Wrongful Death Cases — The role of doctor-patient confidentiality in wrongful death cases and what expectations you should have regarding medical privacy.
  • Wrongful Death of a Child — Special issues related to wrongful death cases involving children.
  • Wrongful Death of an Elderly Person — Special issues related to wrongful death cases involving senior citizens.
  • Statute of Limitation — An explanation of legal deadlines and how they affect potential wrongful death claims.
  • Monetary Damages — An explanation of what types of monetary compensation may be available in Illinois wrongful death claims.
  • What are Survival Actions? — An explanation of Illinois’ Survival Act and how it may affect your wrongful death claim and potential compensation.
  • Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney — Suggestions for what to look for in a wrongful death attorney and questions you should consider asking at your consultation.
  • Useful Resources for Chicago Wrongful Death Cases — Local information that may be helpful as you consider and pursue a wrongful death claim.