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Workplace Housekeeping Tips to Stay Safe

by Jared Staver in Workers' Compensation

When most people hear the word “housekeeping,” they picture dusting, removing clutter, mopping floors, and vacuuming carpets. In a work environment, housekeeping is far more meaningful as it can reduce the risk of injuries while boosting morale and even productivity. It can also help make a positive first impression on clients and guests. Below is a list of workplace housekeeping tips that can help keep all types of workplaces safe.

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Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls

The Bureau of Labor Statistics discovered that slips, trips, and falls were a significant cause of non-fatal injuries or illnesses. Moreover, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration states to prevent slips, trips, and falls, every workplace must be clean, orderly, and in a sanitary condition. This applies to service rooms, storerooms, and passageways. Also, all floors must be clean and dry.

It’s also important for employers to select the appropriate flooring for their workplace. Once the flooring is chosen, they should develop and implement housekeeping procedures that use the proper cleaning protocols.

Reporting and cleaning up leaks and spills as they happen, keeping walkways free of clutter, replacing any outdated flooring, installing anti-slip flooring in places that cannot always be cleaned, and using drip pans and guards can assist with preventing slips, trips, and falls as well.

Remove Fire Hazards

Unfortunately, workplace fires are frequent. The good news, however, is that various strategies can help employers prevent fires from erupting at work. Employers should ensure that any combustible materials are placed in a storage area when they are not being used for work purposes.

They should also keep fire doors and passageways free of clutter, store flammable materials away from ignition sources, and ensure materials are at least 17 inches away from fire extinguishers and automatic sprinklers.

Prevent Falling Objects

Employers can also take certain precautions to prevent objects from falling and striking workers or equipment. They can install a toe rail, toe board, or net; stack boxes and materials straight up and down; place heavy objects on lower shelves; and store all equipment from the edges of tables and desks. It’s also essential for employers to avoid keeping objects in high traffic areas and design a layout that reduces the number of hazards employees are exposed to as they walk around at work.

Remove Clutter

Clutter creates less space for employees to move around and can lead to severe injuries. To remove clutter from the workplace, employees should get into the habit of returning tools and other materials to a storage area after they’ve finished using them and throw out any materials that are no longer necessary.

Also, all stairways, aisles, emergency exits, panels, and doors should be free of clutter. Trash should be emptied before it overflows as well.

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