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Twice as Many Pedestrian and Cyclist Fatalities in 2015

by Jared Staver in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

This year is off to a deadly start for Chicago pedestrians and cyclists. So far, there have been 12 combined fatalities involving pedestrians and cyclists.

By this time in 2014 there were only 6 deaths, the same amount as in 2013 Chicago pedestrian accidents.

The accidents have effected various people in several different circumstances. A 30 year old male bicyclist was struck and killed by a driver who fled the scene at 1:30 in the morning. The next day, January 2nd, a 59 year old woman died from injuries sustained after being hit by a bus six months prior.

Three deaths occurred in mid-January. Two male pedestrians were struck and killed by a driver in one incident involving alcohol, and in another where no citation was issued a 58 year old female was hit by an SUV and killed.

In February a man was hit by one car and then run over again by a second vehicle. In early March a 41 year old man was killed by a driver with PCP, cocaine, and marijuana in his system. A day later, a woman and her two children ages four and nine suffered fatal injuries after being hit by a semi-truck. In mid-March a pregnant woman was struck and killed by a driver charged with a felony for failing to report the accident. In early April another hit and run driver killed a 59 year old cyclist.

This list of tragedies is far too long and shows that anyone can be the victim of a fatal pedestrian accident. If you or someone you know has been injured due to the negligence of a driver, contact a Chicago personal injury lawyer and find out how you can collect the compensation you deserve. Above everything else, be aware no matter how or where you are traveling. You can never trust that every driver is going to be doing what they are supposed to be doing, and your life may depend on your diligent awareness.

If you’re a driver involved in an accident with a pedestrian or bicyclist, pull over and call 911. Administer whatever aid you can and do not flee the scene. You will face serious criminal charges and moral consequences for fleeing the scene of an accident. Some collisions are truly unavoidable and purely accidental. You may not be cited at all, but if you leave the scene you face a new spectrum of charges and possible ramifications.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a pedestrian or cyclist due to a negligent driver’s actions, please contact Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. at (312) 236-2900 today for a free consultation.