Oversized Trucks

You have more than likely encountered semi-trucks during your travels. The sheer size of them is daunting to many motorists. While the average passenger vehicle weighs several thousand pounds, semi-trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds.

A collision with an oversized truck can be deadly. If the truck were to roll over on you or hit you from behind, the impact could possibly cause a fatality. If you were lucky enough to survive such an accident, you would most likely have to deal with severe injuries that last a lifetime.

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What is an Oversized Truck?

Most commercial trucks are large, but those with loads that extend past their trailers or weigh more than standard or ordinary sizes are considered “oversized.” Examples include building supplies and machinery. Oversized loads are often preceded and followed by vehicles with signs warning of the coming load.

Issues Caused by Oversized Trucks

It’s important to be vigilant when driving around oversized trucks, especially when traveling on narrow roads. Many truck drivers are able to maneuver well on freeways, where the lanes are typically wide enough. However, if a truck driver must go onto narrow roads – like those typically found in rural areas – they pose a risk to other drivers.

It can be difficult to keep such a large truck within the designated lines of the roadway – especially at night when light is at a minimum. In addition, boredom and fatigue can set in after a long day of driving.

Backing up on a narrow road can be especially tricky. It can be difficult for the driver to see on both sides and behind the truck. This makes accidents more common. It is also difficult for an oversized truck to brake quickly, so others on the roadway need to keep this in mind.

What You Can Do

There are measures that you can do to help prevent accidents with oversized trucks. It’s a good idea to treat semi-trucks differently from other cars, mainly because of their size and weight. These elements make it difficult to change lanes and stop quickly. Give them extra space.

It’s also important to keep your vehicle visible. Stay out of the truck’s blind spot. To see if you’re in the blind spot, look at the truck’s mirror. Can you see the truck driver? If not, get around the truck as quickly as you can, but pass with care.

Leave extra room when driving around semi-trucks. If the driver brakes suddenly, you could rear-end the truck and become seriously injured. If you notice an oversized truck driving close behind you, resist the urge to get upset. Instead, switch lanes or pull over and let the truck driver go by you.

When sharing the roadway with oversized trucks, expect the unexpected. Other drivers may become impatient and change lanes in front of the truck, causing the truck driver to slam on the brakes. In addition, semi-trucks can experience sudden mechanical issues, like flat tires and breakdowns. For these reasons, be extra cautious and patient. Getting in a hurry will only make things worse. You should, however, try to maneuver around semi-trucks quickly but safely.

Get Legal Help From Chicago Truck Accident Lawyers

A truck accident can result in serious injuries. You could be suffering from broken bones, facial trauma, brain injuries and paralysis for a very long time – maybe even the rest of your life.
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