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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

Illinois commercial truck drivers throughout the United States are beholden to follow a certain set of standards and regulations. These rules are meant to keep themselves and other drivers safe; they govern certain behaviors, maintenance, inspection requirements, and more.

But these rules are not always enough. And, when an otherwise preventable accident occurs on Chicago highways, violations of these rules may be to blame.

If you’ve been involved in a commercial truck accident in which a driver didn’t follow necessary federal regulations, an Illinois truck accident attorney can assist. We will investigate all aspects of the case to determine fault and look at taking any potential steps from there. Through it all, we will seek justice and fight on your behalf.

What are the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations?

The Department of Transportation established in 2000 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) to set certain standards that ensure the safety of commercial truck drivers and fellow passengers on the road. The regulations, established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association, cover various aspects of commercial vehicle safety.

What do the regulations cover?

The FMCSR cover numerous topics and offer guidelines to help drivers and trucking companies remain in compliance. The guidelines are broken down into roughly 40 sections that detail, among other standards, the following:

  • Commercial vehicle routing regulations
  • Preservation of records
  • Financial responsibility on the part of carriers
  • Driver qualifications and training requirements
  • Inspection, repair, and maintenance expectations

How can a driver run afoul of the FMCSR?

Given the breadth of the FMCSR, it’s not uncommon for drivers to violate the regulations and potentially cause an accident. The following actions, all of which can lead to a devastating collision, are just a few violations of the FMCSR:

  • Operating a vehicle that’s in an unsafe condition or unfit for use
  • Working more hours than is legally allowed in a given window of time
  • Not practicing caution in extreme or hazardous conditions

How An Illinois Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You

We at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. believe that you deserve the best possible help in seeking justice following an Illinois commercial truck accident. We are happy to review your case, research all applicable regulations, and advise on the proper course of action. Through it all, we will advocate for compensation that may assist with medical bills, auto repairs, lost wages, and more.

We at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. can help in the wake of a commercial truck accident. Our qualified attorneys are happy to give a free consult, learn the facts of your case, and take the appropriate action. Injured? You will need to speak to one of our lawyers for truckers today at (312) 236-2900 to receive a free consultation.