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10 Trick or Treat Safety Tips

by Jared Staver in Personal Injury

If your children go trick or treating this Halloween season, it is important to follow the proper safety precautions in order to ensure your child’s safety. Follow the trick or treat safety tips below in order to have your safest and most fun Halloween yet.

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1. Do Not Let Your Child Go Trick or Treating Alone

You should always accompany your child when they are going trick or treating. Due to the excitement of Halloween, it is easy for a child to be oblivious to certain hazards. So, in order to ensure your safety and your child’s safety, be sure to accompany them this Halloween.

2. Trick or Treat in Well Lit Areas

If the pathway leading up to the house is not well lit, you and your child are more likely to fall and suffer an injury. If you see a house that you could not potentially be safe walking up to, skip that house and move on to the next.

3. Plan Where You Are Going

Before you leave to go trick or treating, you should have a plan in place of where you are going to go. By doing this and trick and treating in a familiar area, you and your child will avoid getting lost.

4. Choose Your Costume Carefully

When choosing a costume and costume accessories, you should make sure they are flame resistant. You also should choose a costume that is bright and can easily be spotted by motorists. Your costume should be comfortable and fit you properly in order to ensure that you won’t trip.

5. Do Not Wear a Mask

Wearing a mask can greatly inhibit your vision. This can make you less aware of motorists and other trick or treaters and could lead to a serious injury. Thus, you should avoid wearing masks this holiday season.

6. Avoid Sharp Accessories

You should avoid wearing sharp accessories like swords and other items that could potentially injure yourself or another trick or treater.

7. Examine All Candy Before You Eat It

Before you eat candy, make sure to fully examine it. By doing so, you can avoid eating something that has been tampered with.

8. Make Sure Your Property is Safe

If you are hosting trick or treaters and inviting them to your property, make sure that your pathway to your house is well lit and there are no hazards. If there is a hazard, such as a hole in the ground, you should make sure it is clearly marked to ensure the safety of your trick or treaters and avoid a premises liability lawsuit.

9. Do Not Let Your Child Enter a Stranger’s Home

If your child gets invited in to a stranger’s home, they should know not to go in without you. Make sure to tell your child to never enter a stranger’s home under any circumstances if you are not present.

10. Have a Plan if You and Your Child Get Separated

You should have a contingency plan in place in the event that you and your child get separated. It is a good idea to set up a central meeting location that you can reconvene.

How a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

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