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The Problem Of Speeding On Illinois Roadways

by Jared Staver in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

Speeding is a serious problem on the roadways in the state of Illinois. Although it is one of many factors that can contribute to car accidents, excessive speed is a particular problem contributing to car accidents both in Illinois and across the nation. By some estimates, speeding is a factor in up to 1/3 of car accidents nationwide. According to statistics from the Illinois State Police, excessive speed caused 32.4% of all traffic fatalities in 2014 or 348 total fatalities. Speeding not only increases the chances of an accident but the higher the speed a motorist is traveling, the higher the chances of death or serious injury. For example, starting at 50 mph, the chances of death or serious injuries doubles for every additional 10 mph that a car is traveling if it is involved in an accident. The effectiveness of restraint devices, such as seatbelts or airbags, is also reduced the faster that a car is going. Drivers are also less able to stop in the event of an emergency, such as debris on the road, the faster that they are going.

Illinois Speed Awareness Day

Due to the dangers caused by excessive speeds, on July 27, 2016, Illinois held its annual Illinois Speed Awareness Day. This is an event in which police agencies across Illinois participate by increasing their presence on Illinois roadways to educate drivers regarding the importance of maintaining safety by observing the posted speed limits. Although members of the public may grumble because a large number of speeding tickets are issued on Illinois Speed Awareness Day each year, receiving a ticket should serve as a reminder to the affected driver to slow down. It is an opportunity to adjust the driver’s unsafe behavior, and drivers who are ticketed for speeding are lucky that they are only receiving a ticket and not finding themselves living with the guilt of having caused serious injury or even death to another person because they were in a hurry to get somewhere.

Watch Your Speed Every Time You Drive

As can be seen from the sobering statistics described above, excessive speed is a serious problem on Illinois roadways. Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. encourages all Illinois drivers to always observe the posted speed signs and keep in mind that speed kills every single day of the year and not just on Illinois Speed Awareness Day. Speed is a major factor in many of the accidents in which our clients have suffered personal injuries. In each case, the accident might have been avoided had the driver simply chosen to get to their destination seconds later.

Contact Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. If You Were Injured In A Speeding-Related Accident

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