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The Most Common Sports-Related Injuries In Kids

by Jared Staver in Personal Injury

Children love to play, and when they do, the chances of injuries are always very likely. The possibility gets even higher when kids participate in sports. It is not always possible to avoid such eventualities, but it helps to know the most common sports-related injuries your children could face. With this knowledge, parents can plan and ensure that they have the necessary first aid response and supplies to deal with the problem.

What Are The Most Common Injuries?

Sprains and Strains
These two injuries are often used interchangeably by non-medical individuals. However, they are two separate types of injuries, and they are very common in kids who play sports.

A sprain relates to the injury of a ligament. The ligament is responsible for keeping our bones together and helps prevent too much movement of the joint. A sprain of the ankle is one of the most common types of sprains in kids.

A strain is associated with an injury to a muscle or even a tendon. A sport-related injury can include a strain to any one of the many muscles in the body.

Growth Plate Injuries
Growth plate injuries are very common in children. The growth plate refers to developing tissues in kids and adolescents. These tissues are commonly replaced by solid bone as growth in a child is completed. Growth plates can be found in:

  • Hands and fingers;
  • Forearm;
  • Upper leg;
  • Leg bones; and
  • Foot bones.

You will need to seek urgent medical attention if one of the above bones is injured while playing or engaging in sports.

Heat-Related Illness
Playing in the sun or high temperatures can be very dangerous. In fact, heat-related illnesses can even be fatal. Medical complications can include:

  • Dehydration;
  • Heat exhaustion; and
  • Heat stroke.

These types of injuries are more common in children because they perspire less than adults. When children play physically intensive sports in hot climates, there is a need to monitor them carefully. Unlike many other common sport-related injuries in kids, heat-related illness can be prevented with regular and proper hydration.

Repetitive Motion Injury
Because sports require regular and repetitive motion of the muscles of the body, this is a common sport-related injury in kids. These result from an overuse of the muscles. It also occurs when there are continuous repetitive motions of the tendon. Such overuse may lead to stress fractures and can be very painful and cause extreme discomfort.

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