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Staying Safe While Working in the Garden

by Jared Staver in Personal Injury

Gardening can be a fun outdoor activity for those who enjoy being outside. Gardening is also productive, as it allows you to grow your own fruits and vegetables. However, many dangers lurk in garden areas and it’s important to have garden safety on your mind at all times.

Equipment, chemical, insects, and excessive sun can all cause serious injuries. Don’t set foot in your garden without proper protection. Contact our Chicago personal injury lawyers at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. to learn more about how to obtain compensation for your injuries.

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Garden Safety Tips

Enjoy your garden safely with these helpful hints:

  • Wear appropriate attire. Protect your arms, legs, and eyes from plants, chemicals, and insects by wearing pants, long-sleeved shirts, goggles, and sturdy shoes or rubber boots. Leave the shorts, tank tops, and sandals for the beach.
  • Read and follow instructions. Be sure you know how to properly use chemicals and equipment beforehand. Don’t assume you know what to do. A wrong move can be fatal.
  • Keep chemicals away from children. These items can poison or injure curious children. In some cases, they can cause poisoning through inhalation or physical contact. Store chemicals away from children. If you use chemicals in certain areas, make sure children do not play there.
  • Keep gardening tools and equipment out of reach. Chainsaws, pruning shears, lawnmowers, edgers, weed eaters, and other tools can cause serious injury to a child. If possible, keep them in a locked shed, out of the way of where the children play.
  • Wear sunscreen. Cover up your body with as much clothing as possible. Any exposed body parts should be covered with sunscreen. Shoot for SPF 30 or higher.
  • Wear insect repellent. Ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects are common in garden areas. These insects can cause Lyme disease and other serious illnesses.
  • Wear gloves. Gloves can protect hands from cuts, chemicals, and skin irritants.
  • Know your limits in the heat. Drink more fluids and rest in the shade if you feel tired. If you have a headache or feel nauseous or dizzy, you may be experiencing heat stroke or exhaustion. Go indoors and rest immediately.
  • Watch for children when mowing lawns. Lawnmowers can hurt unsuspecting children. Use caution before backing up. Look behind you before putting the mower in reverse.
  • Remove debris from lawn. Before you mowing, watch for toys, rocks, and other objects that can ricochet off the mower and cause injury to you or a bystander.
  • Wear protection when mowing. Protect your eyes with sunglasses or goggles and wear ear plugs to protect your ears from the loud noise.

Getting Legal Help for Gardening Injuries

While most gardening injuries have no third party, sometimes defective gardening equipment – such as lawnmowers and chemicals – can cause serious injuries through no fault of your own. In these cases, the manufacturer may be to blame.

If you suffered injuries through the negligence of another party, learn more about your rights to compensation. Our Chicago lawyers at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. can assess your claim and help you through the legal process. Contact them at (312) 236-2900.