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One of the great joys of living in or near Chicago is the access to Lake Michigan and the opportunities for outdoor recreation the lake and other waterways in the region provide. There’s nothing quite like taking a boat out onto the water in summer and letting the spray wash away some of the heat, or casting a line into the freshwater expanse to catch a walleye or lake trout.

More than 271,000 recreational boats were registered in Illinois in 2013, the last year for which data was available from the Department of Natural Resources. That many boats can mean a lot of traffic on the state’s waterways in nice weather — and a lot of opportunities for boats to collide with each other or objects in the water. When boats crash or sink, the people on board can experience devastating consequences. Boating accidents can result in catastrophic injuries, and with no requirement in Illinois that most adults on boats wear life jackets, drowning is a very real risk.

If you were injured, or someone you love was injured or killed, in a boating accident that was someone else’s fault, seeking compensation for medical bills and other damages can be complicated. Depending on where the accident happened, your case may be subject to either Illinois laws or federal maritime laws. Your best chance at recovering compensation will be to have an experienced boating accident attorney by your side who knows both sets of laws and how they may apply to your case.

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Boating Accident Facts

DNR reports that most boating accidents happen on weekends in the summer when the weather is clear, water is calm, and visibility is good. Most boat operators involved in accidents have more than 100 hours of boating experience but haven’t attended one of the free boating safety classes offered by the state.

Most boating accidents involved motorboats being operated negligently or recklessly and colliding with another boat. The most common type of accident resulting in fatality was someone falling overboard — and the majority of those people may have survived if they were wearing personal flotation devices, DNR reported.

The most common injuries people suffer in boating accidents are: