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NHTSA Wants to Limit Commercial Truck Speeding

by Jared Staver in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Truck Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 1,115 people are killed in accidents caused by heavy trucks every year. While there are many reasons for this prevalence of commercial vehicle accidents, trucks traveling at high speeds play a major role. Semi-trucks, or any commercial vehicle, generate a tremendous impact force. This force is enhanced exponentially when the vehicle is traveling at high speeds. In order to reduce the number of traffic deaths, the NHTSA is proposing a speed cap for commercial trucks and other vehicles heavier than 26,000 pounds.

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The Catastrophic Impacts of Commercial Vehicle Crashes

Newton’s second law states that an object’s force depends entirely on the object’s mass and the object’s speed. For most commercial vehicles, mass does not tend to change. Semi-trucks, buses, and other large vehicles weigh in at over 26,000 pounds. This means that the only uncertainty is a large vehicle’s speed. The faster a commercial vehicle is moving, the larger the impact when it collides with another vehicle.

It is for this reason that trucks traveling at high speeds pose such a grave threat to other vehicle operators. When a commercial vehicle is traveling above the speed limit, it generates more force than it would if the driver was obeying speed laws. A collision caused by a commercial truck is especially devastating when the other vehicle is small or made of a weak material.

Speed-limiting Proposal

In recent months, the NHTSA brought forward a proposal that would improve highway safety. This proposal, if written into law, would limit the speeds of trucks, buses, and all large vehicles as they travel on highways and other thoroughfares. To do this, companies would have to retrofit all vehicles over 26,000 pounds with an electronic speed-limiting device. Although this new device would be widespread, it would only be required for vehicles made after 1990.

A variety of speed caps have been proposed. 60, 65, and 68 miles per hour (mph) are all being considered. Unfortunately, many truckers and commercial vehicle operators are worried that these speeds are too low. They say that conditions could become hazardous when other vehicles fly by trucks and buses at 85 or 90 mph.

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