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Pregnancy Complications

The birth of your child should be one of the most joyous occasions of your life. However, this could be compromised if another’s negligence leads to a pregnancy complication. Pregnancy complications caused either by a medical provider or a medical facility can be as devastating as they can be life changing. Moreover, the consequences of another’s carelessness can affect you and your family physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.

Our Chicago pregnancy complications lawyers have years of experience fighting for our client’s when they suffer due to someone else. We understand what you are going through and will help you seek compensation for your suffering. Contact Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. right away at (312) 236-2900 to schedule a free consultation with a skilled Chicago medical malpractice lawyer.

The Facts about Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy complications are unfortunately becoming more common in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported this upswing, pointing out that the rate of complications such as kidney failure, heart attack, and stroke either during or after childbirth nearly doubled from 1998 to 2009.

In addition to the problems a mother may suffer, medical malpractice can affect an infant’s well being. For example, improper delivery methods can lead to brain damage and other injuries. While the causes and extent of these challenges vary, you should never ignore their consequences. Pregnancy complications are always serious, so you should bring attention to them as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to call a Chicago pregnancy complications lawyer at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. today.

Types of Pregnancy Complications

Some common pregnancy complications include:

  • Birth Asphyxia or Cerebral Hypoxia – A lack of oxygen to a baby’s brain can result in birth asphyxia. It can occur when a medical provider pinches the umbilical cord during delivery and a baby stops breathing. Hypoxia occurs when a low level of oxygen reaches a baby’s brain and muscles. The unfortunate outcomes of birth asphyxia and cerebral hypoxia may include conditions like cerebral palsy and Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy.
  • Erb’s Palsy – This occurs when the nerves in a baby’s upper arm are damaged, often due to too much pulling or twisting on the shoulders during delivery. In addition, Erb’s palsy can result if a medical provider uses forceps or vacuum extraction tools. The site of injury is at what is called Erb’s point, which is the nerve point in the neck. While physical therapy may cure the condition, long-term effects for those untreated may include loss in arm use and muscle contractions.
  • Gestational Diabetes Errors and Malpractice – Gestational diabetes, which occurs during pregnancy, is a condition of high blood sugar when the body cannot produce enough insulin to convert that blood sugar into energy. A medical provider should screen for gestational diabetes, especially if patients exhibit risk factors such as obesity or have previously delivered a baby weighing over nine pounds. Failure to detect the condition can place a baby at risk for injuries like Erb’s palsy, cerebral palsy, or developmental delays.
  • Preeclampsia and Eclampsia – Preeclampsia is a condition marked by high blood pressure and protein in the urine. It reduces blood flow to the placenta and fetus, which can affect birth weight and growth. Side effects for a mother may include pre-term delivery, liver and kidney malfunction, and severe bleeding.

    If untreated, preeclampsia can become eclampsia, a medical condition that causes seizures. While preeclampsia is not necessarily preventable, the escalation of its effects can be prevented with proper medical monitoring.

  • Water Breaking Too Early – Known as premature rupture of the membranes (PROM), water breaking too early can cause infection since amniotic fluid safeguards a baby from bacteria and germs. A medical provider should monitor a pregnant patient for infections of the uterus, cervix, and vagina since these are often causes of PROM. In addition, they should watch for excessive stretching of the amniotic sac, which could be another warning sign of PROM.
  • Wrongful Death of a Mother During Childbirth – A medical provider should be able detect symptoms that serve as warning signs for what could cause death during childbirth. For example, sudden vaginal bleeding may indicate placenta previa, which can be diagnosed through an ultrasound. This can cause serious complications due to the placenta’s proximity to the cervix. In addition, a medical provider should be attentive to complications during pregnancy, such as polyps and cervicitis.

    Malpractice during delivery is also extremely dangerous. Uterine rupture, which can prove fatal, can result if a medical provider pushes too hard on the stomach during delivery or overuses Pitocin. Postpartum hemorrhaging can also be due to a medial provider’s failure to stop bleeding quickly, administer intravenous fluids, and prepare for blood transfusions.

Seeking Compensation After a Pregnancy Complication

While no amount of money can make matters truly right, financial compensation can help ease the burden of pregnancy complications caused by another’s negligence. You may be able to receive compensation for medical care, loss of wages, funeral expenses, and beneficiaries who experience mental and emotional pain and anguish.

State law limits the maximum amount of compensation you can receive and negotiations are necessary in order to recover. Nonetheless, the amount compensated is typically more than what would be awarded in, for instance, an automobile accident because it is paid by either a medical provider’s or a medical facility’s insurance rather than by an individual’s insurance.

A Chicago Pregnancy Complications Lawyer Can Help

You and your family should not be expected to incur the burden and grief of pregnancy complications alone. If you or your child have been seriously hurt during childbirth, a Chicago pregnancy complications lawyer at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. can help you seek compensation for your pain and suffering. Contact us at (312) 236-2900 to schedule a free consultation today.