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Chicago Medical Device Injury Lawyer

We live in an age in which technology is an integral part of our lives. We use the Internet for everything. We carry around powerful computers inside our phones. Our cars have computer chips to tell us when to get an oil change, and GPS to help us get where we’re going. Technology can even help extend our lives through a range of medical devices — and new ones are being invented every day.

However, as much as technology can enrich our lives or enhance our medical treatment, technology isn’t infallible. Technology still is subject to the limitations of human beings and human error, and when a person makes a mistake with a medical device, the consequences can be profound and life-altering.

If you suffered injury or harm because of a mistake made by a medical provider with regard to a medical device, you may have a claim for medical malpractice. Actions by a doctor, surgeon, nurse, or other health care practitioner that could give rise to a malpractice claim include:

  • Failing to Sterilize the Device — Medical devices that come into contact with a person’s body, especially those that will be inserted or implanted inside a person’s body, should be properly sterilized to ensure that they’re free of bacteria, viruses, or fungus that could cause infection or harm. Failing to properly sterilize instruments and devices is a common cause of infections in hospitals and clinics. Infections can be very serious, especially for vulnerable patients such as a heart patient who needs a pacemaker.
  • Failing to Properly Monitor the Device — Some devices may need regular monitoring to make sure they’re functioning the way they should. If a doctor fails to follow up or monitor the device, the doctor may not catch it if the underlying medical condition gets worse or a different approach to treatment is needed.
  • Errors While Implanting or Fitting the Device — If a health provider makes a mistake while inserting a device, surgically implanting a device, or while fitting a device, harm to the patient could result.
  • Prescribing the Wrong Device — If the patient gets the wrong device, or one that isn’t the standard treatment for the medical condition, that could be malpractice.
  • Defective Devices — If the physician knows that the medical device being used is or might be defective, that could give rise to a malpractice claim.

How a Chicago Medical Device Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you’ve suffered harm because of a health care provider’s negligence with regard to a medical device such as a pacemaker, shunt, stent, IUD, replacement joint, or other medical device, you may have a medical malpractice claim. Malpractice claims involve negligence on the part of health providers including doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other medical professionals.

An experienced Chicago malpractice attorney can look at the specific circumstances of your injury or illness and discuss with you the possibility of making a claim. If the claim is successful, you could receive compensation for your medical expenses related to the device or any additional treatment you had to have, lost wages, and pain and suffering.