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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Car Crashes vs. Car Accidents

Jun 14 2016 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

A recent article in the New York Times questioned whether we truly should be calling car crashes “accidents” when in most cases the crash is caused by someone’s actions and, specifically, human error of one kind or another. Put another way, the article notes that…

Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Jun 10 2016 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

Every state in the U.S. requires some amount of auto insurance for people to legally drive. Even when someone has their driver’s license, this isn’t enough to get behind the wheel. You need proof that you can be financially responsible for your own vehicle as…

Car Accident While Talking to Passengers

Jun 07 2016 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

Very few car rides are entirely silent. We’re usually in the car with other people because of carpooling to work or giving our friends and family rides. And when we aren’t alone, we get chatty. It’s natural. Sometimes conversation stays light, other times the car…

Rubbernecking Accidents

Jun 06 2016 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

We’ve seen other drivers do it and we’ve probably been guilty of it ourselves more than once: rubbernecking. The act of gawking or staring at something on the side of the road to the point where you have to turn your neck to continue to…