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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Could Uber And Lyft Be Leaving Chicago?

Jul 22 2016 in Auto Accidents, Media, Personal Injury

The ride-sharing services of Uber and Lyft have made an enormous impact on the transportation sector. It has allowed travelers to access affordable rates and have given private car owners a way to earn money as a supplementary or full-time income. However, these companies have…

10 Ways To Share The Road With Bicycles

Jul 21 2016 in Bike Accidents, Personal Injury

Hundreds of cyclists die annually, and more riders are injured as a result of motor vehicle accidents on our roads. Similar to pedestrians, bicycle riders are vulnerable to the negligence of drivers. The roadway was designed for all road users to enjoy and traverse without…

3 Ways To Share The Road With Trucks

Jul 19 2016 in Personal Injury, Truck Accidents

Accidents are always scary; however, when one of the vehicles involved is a truck, the loss and injury can be life-threatening. While it is not possible to prevent every accident, learning how to share the road with other vehicles, especially larger vehicles like trucks, is…

Top 5 Mechanical Reasons For Car Accidents

Jul 18 2016 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

We all want to avoid car accidents. Vehicular collisions can be devastating and can result in physical and financial hardship for those involved. There are a variety of reasons behind the multitude of car accidents reported each year. However, a mechanical defect is the culprit…

Can My Car Be Hacked?

Jul 14 2016 in Auto Accidents, Media, Product Liability

A car is a significant financial investment. To protect that investment, we purchase insurance coverage and install an alarm system. But what if all of that meant nothing? What if your car could be hacked or stolen with just a click? As technology advance in…