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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

How to Protect Children in Car Accidents

Mar 30 2017 in Auto Accidents

Most parents want nothing more than to protect their children from the dangers of the outside world. With that in mind, it is important to understand how to minimize the risk of your child being harmed in a roadway accident. Surprisingly, most parents do not…

Safe Passing Zones and Illinois Passing Laws

Mar 29 2017 in Auto Accidents

In the world of vehicle safety, passing is one of the most dangerous activities. Although it is legal to pass another vehicle in Illinois, it must be done with extreme caution. There are a number of scenarios in which passing can lead to a major…

Illinois Car and Booster Seat Laws

Mar 27 2017 in Auto Accidents

Children are far more likely to sustain a serious injury when they are involved in a car accident. Their bones are weaker, their brains are in a fragile state, and their bodies cannot withstand the force that can be endured by adults. For this reason,…

Preventing Dog Bites

Mar 25 2017 in Personal Injury, Premises Liability

People can become very attached to their dogs and treat them as life companions. They live inside homes and can become trusted members of families. However, even without provocation, a dog may become aggressive and sometimes bite. Victims of dog bites are often people who…