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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Pedestrian Fatalities Increased in 2016

Apr 24 2017 in Pedestrian Accidents

Medical experts tell us that walking is good for our health, but ironically, walking killed thousands of people in 2016. Pedestrian fatalities increased last year, killing 5,997 people. This is the highest number in the past 10 years and the largest increase in the past…

Common Playground Injuries

Apr 21 2017 in Personal Injury, Premises Liability

Playgrounds were created to provide a source of fun and activity for children. Unfortunately, as most parents can tell you, a day at the park can turn into a hospital visit. In fact, more than 200,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for common playground…

Will I Need to Testify at Trial?

Apr 20 2017 in Personal Injury

Moving forward with a personal injury lawsuit can seem daunting. There are many pieces to bring together into a cohesive image before trial. These include evidence regarding the accident, expert opinions about responsibility for the accident, documentation of your injuries, and proof of the compensation…

How Often Must Truck Drivers Rest?

Apr 19 2017 in Truck Accidents

The responsibility for establishing the number of hours that truck drivers are permitted to operate their vehicles on U.S. roads and highways falls into the purview of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The rest requirements for truckers set forth by the FMCSA are…

Emergency Vehicle Accidents

Apr 19 2017 in Auto Accidents, Truck Accidents

We often see ambulances and fire trucks during our daily commutes or while running errands. We probably think of the people aboard these vehicles as heroes, since they rush to save lives. One thing we may not think of, though, is their involvement in emergency…

Risks of Jaywalking

Apr 18 2017 in Pedestrian Accidents

Improperly crossing the street can result in dire consequences for both pedestrians and drivers. A pedestrian is especially vulnerable in car accidents: a 2014 report of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) indicated they were 8.2 times more likely to be non-fatally injured and 23.7…

Illinois CDL Safe Drivers

Apr 17 2017 in Truck Accidents

Driving safely is no easy task. With crowded streets, pedestrians, distracted motorists, and other factors causing accidents, getting from Point A to Point B takes an alert mind. Fortunately, in Illinois, if you do manage to stay safe while driving, you will be rewarded. The…