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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Summer School Bus Accidents

May 08 2017 in Bus Accidents

During the summer, people do not expect to see school buses driving down the street. While these vehicles are less common during this time of the year, the few that are on the roads have the potential to cause serious damage. Due to their sheer…

Nursing Care in Personal Injury Cases

May 08 2017 in Personal Injury

Chances are, you’ve encountered nurses many times in your life. Nurses play a pivotal role in the healthcare industry, but they often don’t get the respect they deserve. This week – May 6–12 – is National Nurses Week, making this the perfect opportunity to celebrate…

What Is Medial Standard of Care?

May 05 2017 in Medical Malpractice

We rely on doctors to help us when we’re ill or injured. However, doctors are human, and as such, they make mistakes from time to time. These mistakes are often caused by doctors not adhering to a medical standard of care. In order to file…

Importance of Commercial Truck Maintenance

May 04 2017 in Truck Accidents

With many commercial trucks driving more than 10,000 miles per day, regular maintenance is essential to safe vehicle operation. Thorough inspections should occur both before and after a long haul, as this is when the majority of malfunctions arise. When semis are not maintained on…

Children’s Product Recalls in 2016

May 03 2017 in Product Liability

Parents rely on many products to keep their children healthy, safe, and entertained. Unfortunately, some of these products are manufactured or sold in a way that makes them defective and leads to injuries like bruises, burns, bone fractures, brain damage, head injury, lacerations, and in…

10 Most Common Workplace Injuries

May 02 2017 in Workers' Compensation

Workplace injuries arise all too often. Although some injuries that occur on the job are unavoidable, many of them are the direct result of an employer’s negligent actions. There are various causes of workplace injuries that leave employees with costly medical bills, lost wages, the…

Can Children Recover Compensation After a Car Accident?

May 01 2017 in Auto Accidents

Car accidents are traumatic for everyone involved. Between the shock of the initial impact and the pain and suffering caused by injuries, roadway collisions are known for causing heartache. As devastating as these events can be, they are infinitely worse when a child is involved….

What is Failure to Diagnose?

May 01 2017 in Medical Malpractice

There are many types of medical malpractice. One common error is the failure to diagnose. While failure to diagnose is often the fault of the doctor, there are other elements that could be to blame as well. Failure to diagnose is a form of negligence,…