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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

5 Beach Safety Tips

Jun 15 2017 in Personal Injury

Fun in the sun should create lasting memories of good times rather than pain and suffering. This is why knowing and following beach safety tips are so critical. You can avoid unnecessary challenges that could complicate your playtime on the sand and in the water…

Contributory vs. Comparative Negligence

Jun 14 2017 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

If you believe that the negligence actions of someone else caused you harm, then you might be considering pursuing a lawsuit for damages. But what if you also had some responsibility in causing this harm? Can you still go forward with the lawsuit? Negligence law…

Father’s Day Grilling Safety in Chicago

Jun 14 2017 in Personal Injury, Premises Liability

With school out, many Chicago families are celebrating the long summer days with barbecues. A popular grilling event during the summer is Father’s Day, with men all over the country celebrating by barbecuing their favorite meats. Before you light that barbecue, make sure you know…

Crane Accidents on Construction Worksites

Jun 13 2017 in Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places. Nails, power tools, heavy machinery, heights –can all potentially contribute to serious injuries and even death. With all of these hazards, crane accidents are among the biggest issues plaguing construction sites across the country. There are approximately 125,000 cranes…

Who Is Liable in a House Fire Accident?

Jun 13 2017 in Premises Liability

House Fires damage numerous homes and create chaos in the lives many every year. They start in various ways, and while most are accidental, some occur purposely. Either way, a fire accident can cause serious, sometimes tragic injuries. If you were injured in a house…

How to Make a Police Report After a Car Accident

Jun 12 2017 in Auto Accidents

You are backing out of a parking space when a car whizzes by you and sideswipes your vehicle. The damage seems minimal, so you just let it slide. A month later, you find out that the car has several thousand dollars in damage and you…

What is Danny’s Law?

Jun 09 2017 in Product Liability, Wrongful Death

Linda Ginzel, a professor at the University of Chicago became a consumer activist after her 16-month-old son, Danny was strangled by a recalled portable crib at his Lincoln Park daycare. Danny was the fifth infant to lose his life in the Playskool Travel-Lite. Her son’s…