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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Playground Safety Tips

Jul 28 2017 in Personal Injury, Premises Liability

Now that summer is finally here, children will be at the playground often. Although playgrounds can bring children lots of joy and laughter, they can also lead to serious injuries, making it vital to adhere to playground safety tips. If your child has been injured…

Safely Riding a Bicycle Around Cars

Jul 27 2017 in Bike Accidents, Personal Injury

The annual Tour de Fat is coming back to Chicago on July 29. This fundraiser combines beer, music, and bicycling. The day starts with a bicycle parade through Chicago. While the parade is designed for riders of all skill levels, safely riding a bicycle around…

Staying Safe While Working in the Garden

Jul 25 2017 in Personal Injury

Gardening can be a fun outdoor activity for those who enjoy being outside. Gardening is also productive, as it allows you to grow your own fruits and vegetables. However, many dangers lurk in garden areas and it’s important to have garden safety on your mind…

Fire Prevention & Safety Tips

Jul 21 2017 in Premises Liability

Each year many fires can easily be prevented by following fire prevention and safety tips. Roughly 4,000 people die annually in fires and more than 25,000 are injured. Fires cost Americans an average of $8.6 billion a year in property damage and loss. If you…

Where Do Most Car Accidents Happen?

Jul 21 2017 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

The heightened dependency on auto transportation has increased the number of car crashes that take place each year, and the number of car crashes each year will likely continue to rise. Contrary to popular belief, not all accidents occur in high-speed circumstances. In fact, many…

Safety While Playing Summer Sports

Jul 20 2017 in Personal Injury

With school out and much more free time available during the day, many children enjoy playing sports to pass the time. Swimming, football, tennis, volleyball, and basketball are the most common activities this time of year. While playing sports offers fun and friendship, it’s important…

10 Safe Driving Tips for Teens

Jul 19 2017 in Auto Accidents

Safe driving habits take time and practice to develop. As a new and inexperienced driver, it is easier to lose control of the vehicle. Follow the teen safe driving tips below to ensure proper safety when driving. If you or a teenager you know has…

10 Picnic Safety Tips

Jul 18 2017 in Personal Injury

With the weather warmer, many people are enjoying the outdoors by having outdoor parties and picnics. Picnics are great ways to bring together family, friends, and neighbors outdoors. However, food left outside can quickly get hot and cause food poisoning and other serious health issues….